Thursday, 15 February 2007

Hooked on crochet

First posting on my first blog! Will anyone read the ramblings of a slightly dotty old bid who is hooked on crochet with some knitting chucked in to give the operation site a break. I had an op for carpal tunnel syndrome in Nov brought on I am sure by years of crochet and knitting plus the pc mouse clicking in my job before I joined the realms of the pensioners. Pensioner !! Who me? I must have had my birth certificate switched. I don't feel old enough to be one of those. Does that mean I have to get a wheelie basket and get grumpy? Oh bugger I have one of those and I am grumpy. Yes - it's official I am old !

I now have more time during the day to do my crocheting now I don't have to be a boring old wage slave. My hook has had sparks on it recently as I have been hooking my way through 4 pram blankets, several baby cardigans, 2 mohair shrugs and today I finished off a pink/white bedcape destined no doubt for someone's mother for Mother's Day. Plus I have finished off 2 children's knitted cardigans I found half finished stashed in the loft that I must have started at some time and vaulted into the loft when I was decorating and forgotten about. It's amazing how much flotsam and jetsom is in my loft. Do I really still have a pair of oars from a long since deflated rubber dinghy from a holiday some 30yrs back?

I will attempt to post a couple of photos of finished articles. I am rather proud of my crochet and knitted draught excluders which I made from oddments I had found stashed in the loft. I should say that I am a returnee to crochet and knitting after a break of some 10yrs or so. Hence all the stashed yarn etc. Anyone who likes the dog and snake I am afraid the pattern book is almost as old as I am so I doubt if Patons still have it in print.

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