Sunday, 18 February 2007

The joys of a bad back

No crochet today as yet. The sun was shining for once. It doesn't happen that often at this time of the year in rainy Manchester so I decided to venture out into the place that I laughingly call my garden. It wouldn't be so bad if the grass wasn't mostly moss and if next door's holly bush had remained a bush instead of being allowed to revert to nature as is now a massive tree. I have to wage a weekly war on the horrible prickly holly leaves that only blow on my garden and never the neighbours.

I decided to treat myself to a leaf hoover blower thinking it would make the job easier. Big mistake. I am waiting for major back surgery and that thing was not designed for anyone who has even a twinge of backache. I keep thinking of ways to modify it so that I would not have to lean slighty forward supporting the full weight of the contraption whilst it hovers about an inch from the ground. If I stand straight then I can't see the leaves! My back starts to protest like mad from the first minute and by the end of the hoovering session is screaming for the mercy that only a hot bath can give it. If anyone does read my ramblings I would welcome any suggestions. A neck harness like a ploughman's yolk maybe? At least I have the satisfaction of knowing that the noise the hoover makes kept next door from their Sunday afternoon nap! When I asked about maybe chopping the tree down or at least trimming it so I could get a modicum of sunlight on the lawn I was told it was a feature of the garden!

Not a great day all in all. I was awakened at 7am when I put my hand in a wet patch made I presume by the cat who must have had a wee on my bed (with me in it!) I think the poor old soul has finally lost it. He is almost 15yrs old and has thyroid trouble and now maybe kidney troubles as well. I will see what the vet says. Has e lost his marbles or what? I love him to bits having adopted him when his owner, one of my neighbours, moved to a house on a main road and as the cat is deaf as well as old was not going to keep him as there was no garden for him. Like all pet owners I am dreading the day when I have to say enough is enough so hope this morning's mishap was a one off. I can't face washing the duvet every day!

Maybe tonight I will finally get around to my crochet again. Last night I fell asleep watching the tv. Another sign of me getting old! The cat and I are well matched I think. The photo is Ollie having a rest after trying to attack the baubles on the tree at Christmas!

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