Friday, 16 February 2007

Pink and white crochet bedcape

This is a rather fuzzy web cam pic of the latest finished project as described in yesterday's blog offering. Once again the pattern is from a very old Patons leaflet 3005 Cover-ups which is probably as old as me ( Well not quite nothing is THAT old!)

My day has so far progressed as boringly as any other Friday. Maybe I should take up sky diving or motor bike racing. Small snags to either of those 2 I can't ride a bike and I can't stand heights ( I am the odd one out in aircrafts as I NEVER want the window seat - gimme the one nearest to the emergency exit please) so maybe it's back to the crochet for another day!

I organised my patterns the other day. OK OK I shuffled them and tidied them up a bit. Some patterns I have had so long that they have almost come back into fashion. Yes I really did crochet (and wear) hot pants and mini dresses but fortunately have NOT got the photos to prove it. I can't imagine what a sight that must have been with the beehive hairdo and the white PVC knee boots. Hey I thought I looked good at the time but obviously no one else did hence my not having any photos!

Today's crochet project is another bedcape in white with pink trim.I will be making them in my sleep soon! Hopefully the ladies who get them for Mother's Day will appreciate my skills with the hook.

I bought a book called "The Happy Hooker" a few weeks ago. Don't get excited guys it's just a guide to crochet but what a great title for grabbing attention! Any ladies - it's a great book but it's got US crochet terms in it so beware. For some reason they call trebles double crochet but then that's the yanks for you - look what they do to our language! The stitch has 3 stages hence the name treble! 2 stages is a double crochet OK !

If anyone is reading this (which I doubt) then have a good day and Happy Hooking!

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