Saturday, 17 February 2007

Trip Out

Today I made a bid for freedom! My niece kindly picked me up and we went shopping for guess what - more yarn! As if I haven't got enough already. I never seem to have the right colour for the project I have in mind. I am making another crochet dog draught excluder and I don't think somehow it would look quite right in either chucky egg yellow or shocking pink mohair. OK for a psychedelic snake maybe? I bought beige, brown and cream. Not very exciting it's true but more realistic as dog colours.

We also went into the fair trading shop and I bought some Himalayan incense sticks handmade in the monasteries in Nepal. The cat isn't happy when I light up the Lavender ones I already have so I doubt he will like these! They had some rather strange handknitted hats and socks in the shop some in rather lurid rainbow colours and hats with different coloured spikes on top rather like a demented chameleon. I don't know whether my small town is ready for me wearing anything like that on my head or manic stripes on my feet. I think I will stick to my red knitted hat! I have just lit an incense stick and fortunately they don't smell like an old monk and the cat hasn't left town yet!

Not much crocheting done today but I have been a bit frantic lately with it so a day off will do me a power of good and rest up my war wound (carpal tunnel operation scar actually) No doubt I will be hooking again later when its tele time.

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