Monday, 5 March 2007

Slow pc hence no blog for a few days

There has been no entries for a few days as for some reason my pc would not let me access this blog. I am sure no one has missed me cos I don't think anyone but me is actually reading this site!

The last few days have been a dizzy whirl of dog walking (haha sliding in the mud more like), hoovering dog hair up and generally coping with the dog adoption. He is settling down a bit now and I am actually managing to get some knitting and crochet done in the evenings, finishing 2 knitted baby cardigans. I finished the crochet newsboy hat but either I have a small head or the yarn was a bit thicker than the pattern (US pattern so difficult to decide) but it came out big enough to tuck a rastafarian's dreadlocks in. Too bad it is in beige, not exactly a rasta colour!

I was watching the tv the other day. A programme on how this asian lady was trying her culture's method of husband finding on this white unmarried woman of 38 by enlisting her family to search in their friends and friends of friends for a man who matched up socially and mentally and was actually looking towards marriage. The woman in question didn't finish up with the man the family chose but she did employ the same methods of asking relevant questions with her next boyfriend and it worked! I have tried asking my friends to search in their friends but all that happened was that they all laughed and declined. Guess they could not think of anyone whacky enough ( or daft enough) to want a date with a size 18 divorced blonde (courtesy of Belle Colour) dog and cat owning retired old bat with a dodgy back! I have tried the Yahoo Personals but all that did was give me some rather dodgy men ( mostly married guys looking for a bit of "fun" as they put it) and charged me a lot of money for that priviledge. Do I want to join another web site at £25 a month. No thanks! I would rather buy a couple of bottles of rum and bemoan my spinsterhood ( or get drunk so I don't care about it!) Far better value for money.

I have resigned myself to the fact that if I can't get the kind of relationship I want then I just can't be bothered. The guy's I have met that I have fancied recently have either been commitment phobic, nerdy or superglued to their wives. My days of paying for my supper are long since over. I have decided to place a higher value on myself but unfortunately for me no one seems to share my opinion of my value. They place me somewhere on the bargain rail! My mother used to say one day your ship will come in. My answer to that was with my luck I will be waiting at the airport when it does!

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