Sunday, 25 March 2007

Some Dog Owners !!!

I took Buster out for his usual walk this morning and as we went into the park I was battling with the swing gate and had Buster on his lead ( I never let him off the lead until we actually get into the park due to the fact the entrance is on a blind bend) when this dog came at us and starting biting Buster.Totally unprovoked as Buster hadn't hardly set foot in the park. I was in the middle of undoing his lead clip so that he could at least run away from this dog and trying to fend the dog off when it started attacking my arm. Luckily I had a padded jacket on but it still hurt like mad even though, fortunately, the bite didn't break the skin. The owner had walked off whilst all this frenzy was going on making no attempt to call her dog. She called back to me from about 50yds away "Is your dog OK" I said "Yes it is but I'm bloody not your dog has bitten my arm" She carried on walking and shouted back over her shoulder in a totally insincere way "Oh Sorry"

I had witnesses who came over and asked was I OK and they agreed that neither Buster or I had done anything to provoke the dog. The dog just ran up to us with it's teeth bared. I admit Buster growled at the dog but wouldn't you growl if something ran up to you snarling and biting? I am going to look out for her in the park next time. That dog is dangerous. It could bite a child next time. My arm has two blue bruises on it and is quite sore.

My niece and I went to Ramsbottom to the craft shop and got some yarn for her crochet jacket out of "Stitch n Bitch" I don't think she was really all that keen on the colour she picked but maybe it will look better once it is crocheted. I am going to start it later tonight.

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