Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Socks on 4 needles

I decided to have another try at knitting socks on 4 needles. This is quite a feat (feet - get it?) for me as I am a tuck the knitting needles under the armpit kind of knitter so it's completely alien to me to have to knit free with the needles waggling about. It slows me down to a snail crawl knitting pace whereas I am used to zipping along the row much faster. I have just turned the heel on first sock. Let's hope I make it to the second sock! These are the long welly boot type of sock. I doubt if my son will ever wear them but he might get desperate one day and have no clean ones to put on. I read with awe and envy the sock knitting blogs of the US ladies who ream off socks by the dozen on circular needles. This pair might be my first ( well for a long long time) and last.

The dog and I went for a long afternoon walk as per usual but we varied the route and I was very shocked to walk past a fishing pond I had visited last year and found it was all dirty, snarled up and covered with plastic bottles and litter. Such a shame to see broken fences etc. It really makes me so angry that people have so little respect for wildlife and countryside that they have to make such a disgusting mess. makes me wonder what the inside of their homes look like. Last year at another pond some scutterbug shot the male of the nesting swans. They have nested there for a few years and have never done anyone any harm.

Why do parents allow kids to have air rifles etc. if anyone wants to learn to shoot then they should go to a licenced gun club although quite why one needs gun skills in Manchester eludes me. It's not as if there are any bear or elk about. All guns lead to violence in my opinion. I would hate that the UK follows the US in gun ownership. There are far too many illegal guns in Manchester as is all too apparent in certain areas of the city.

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