Tuesday, 6 March 2007

New for old !! What the insurance don't tell you!

I am still having an on-going wrangle with the C.I.S insurance over my claim for my bathroom. I have just spend another frustrating half hour with them on the phone and am still no nearer resolving my problem.

I have mobility problems and before my carpal tunnel operation I was rinsing my teeth and dropped the ceramic toothmug into the washbasin and cracked the basin. After cursing myself a few times I then thought no problem I have insurance. That was my first mistake! Yes I do have insurance but apparently it will only cover for the accidental damage and replacement of the broken article which is fine if you can actually find a match for the said article.

My bathroom suite is a discontinued colour ( yes I have searched on the net without success for a replacement) and it appears that my insurance company finds it perfectly acceptable for me to have a white washbasin fitted plus mis matched tiles in a turqoise colour co-ordinated fully tiled bathroom and cannot seem to understand why I am not over the moon with this suggestion. All I get told is to read the print on my insurance policy which states this. When I asked why it was not pointed out to me at the time I took out my policy that they will only pay for the chair of a matching 3 piece suite or one dining chair of a matching set of 6 I was told Oh we haven't got the time to spell out all of that if you had asked specific questions then the insurance salesman would have answered them. Sorry I didn't know that was one of the questions I should have asked. Is there anything else I should know I wonder?

Today I got a call from the first building contractor they sent saying they were ready to start the work. What work? I have not agreed to any work. I said what have I allegedly agreed to and the girl said oh a replacment washbasin. What colour I said. Oh I don't know she said but could I be sure to have the cheque for £50 ready when they called ( the excess payment I am liable for). Apparently the C.I.S has agreed to pay £145 (less my £50) making it £95 in all. I said I haven't agreed to anything and phoned the C.I.S to be treated like some kind of nuisance by the young woman on the end of the phone. I have been referred to the non standard claim dept now as I won't accept the first offer made apparently! The last time I phoned to ask about my claim all C.I.S did was to send a 2nd builder out who was told I had a dispute with the first builder accusing him of overcharging with his bathroom quote!! Not only am I being passed from pillar to post I am being wrongly branded a trouble maker amongst the builders!

If anyone is reading this please double check your insurance policies to find out what you are covered for or you might find yourself in the same plight as me. I am now being railroaded into accepting a totally inadequate payment for a replacement washbasin when I am going to have to foot the bill now for a whole new bathroom plus tiling out of my meagre savings ( I am now living on pension as I had to retire from work on ill health)to bring my bathroom back up to the standard it was before the accident.

New for Old policy my arse! How can it be that when all they will offer is a mismatched washbasin and tiling? My bathroom will look nothing like the old if I settle for that. All it will do is de-value my property and upset me every time I walk into the bathroom.

The crocheting and knitting has been totally sidelined lathough I did manage to knit a 16" Doll coat in a 3 coloured fair isle pattern.

I wonder if I can complain to my local newspaper. Hmm I wonder if the C.I.S will appreciate that kind of publicity. Just a thought!

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