Saturday, 24 March 2007

A little thanks

Sorry if anyone is following this blog but I have not posted anything for a few days as I have still not replaced this slow as a snail pc. I do attempt to post but get so fed up waiting for the link to open that I go off the whole idea and decide not to bother!
The guy who was going to advise me on the pc buying has had a family crisis and so now is not a good time to ask him so I will wait until the problem has resolved itself and then hopefully I will get a new pc. Yippeee this pc is almost as old as me !

On Thursday I had been to Asda after my water aerobics lesson and as I was putting my trolley away in the trolley shelter ( good public citizen here I NEVER leave my trolley to roll into other people's cars) I noticed an expensive leather handbag which had been left in a trolley at the back of the trolley stack. Of course I took it back into Asda and gave it in to security and left my name and address in case the lady came back to claim it. The security glanced inside and said there was an expensive mobile phone in there as well as a leather purse plus other personal possessions. I rang Asda today and got told that the lady had rung the phone and when Asda answered it they told her where the bag was and she came in to claim it. They gave her my name and number but I am still waiting for a thank you. I don't expect a reward. I handed it in because I was always taught by my parents to be honest but I feel quite miffed at the owner for not phoning me or sending me a thank you card. That bag was something that I could never afford so if that had been me that had lost and then recovered something like that ( as well as the phone, purse and possibly money or credit cards) I would have been on the phone like a shot saying thank you thank you to the person who had handed it in. So much for manners these days!! So if you know a lady who lost and then recovered a handbag in Radcliffe's Asda on the 22nd tell her she is a very lucky lady that I found it and not someone who would have kept it!

The dog and I are getting along a lot better and today we went for a walk with the 2 dogs who live next door (plus owner of course) so it was a nice change to have a chatting companion on the way around, Buster seemed to enjoy the company as well. Hopefully we can meet up another day for a walk.

I abandoned the 4 needle sock knitting but have made 3 pairs of dog walking socks on 2 needles. I managed to borrow a Baby Annabel doll from the girl who lives next door so am crocheting some outfits and writing my kind of instructions down as I go along. I crochet far better "around" the doll than I ever do trying to follow commercial patterns for crochet doll designs. The doll knitting patterns are fine but for some reason they make the strangest designs for dolls in crochet! Or is it just me that thinks that way? I am still persevering with the 4 needle knitting for the upside down daisy hat in the Itty Bitty Hat book by Susan B Anderson (from and although I am very impressed with these bamboo needles from Angel Yarns I am so very slow when I can't tuck the right hand needle under my arm. Knitting "free" with the needles on my lap plays havoc with my tension and speed! I guess it's the way I was taught to knit and at 61 am a little old to change my knitting technique.

Tomorrow I am off to the yarn store in Ramsbottom with my niece so that she can buy some wool.She has bought a crochet book with a cardigan in it that she has fallen in love with and as she is a novice crocheter I have said I will make it for her if she buys the yarn and now is a good time as I have not got any large projects on the hook. Tomorrow is also the Knit out day at the Cafe Nero Bolton for the Bolton Knitting Noras ( - if you would like to join us)
but sorry girls I will have to miss this one - see you all next time.

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