Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Fifteen minutes of fame

Andy Warhol once said everyone has their 15 minutes of fame. I had mine the other day when I was told I had featured on a programme for the local leisure centre advertising water aerobics and also on a poster in the foyer! I asked my friend to pick up a leaflet for me (I use the nearer pool) but they had run out of them and taken the poster down! Guess there is no point on my having an autograph session under the poster then (smile). I will have to find something else to be famous about. As long as I never become infamous!

I finished the 4 piece doll outfit as you can see. It is supposed to be a 5 piece outfit but I have run out of yarn for the doll's dress sleeves ( maybe it could be sleeveless?)

I found a web site today called Loop - d - loop and it featured some really openwork shrugs. If anyone would be prepared to buy anything like that maybe I could make my fortune crocheting something similar. More holes than a colander! I suppose if I was a designer then maybe people might pay a small fortune for any of my garments as it is I guess I will just stay with giving my modest efforts away as per usual.

I am still waiting for more benefits of my dog walking. No weight lost yet which amazes me as I thought that was the missing part of my attempts at dieting. I attributed weight loss failure to my lack of exercise. I even had diet pills from the doctor and even with a low fat diet nothing happened. I lost 3 stones without much effort but this last stone has defeated all attempts. It did start to move when I was given Lipotrim but I was so ill I lost the will to live. They don't tell you that you are constantly cold,feel sick all the time, have no energy and lose all your friends because you have such chronic halitosis. Plus the clinic was full of people who had gained all the weight back again once they tried to resume any form of normal eating and were on their 2nd attempts. Not exactly an incentive chatting to them!

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