Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Trying To Remember The Pattern

I know from browsing on Ravelry that some people like to have loads of WIP on the go. I am terrible if I do that. Once I put something down it takes me forever to find out where I am up to on the pattern and forever to resume from where I left off. I haven't touched this jacket since before I went into hospital and today I managed to sort out where I thought that I was up to on the pattern and crochet the two fronts. Now that I have started the back the fronts look very small although the jacket does have a very wide front band. The pattern also looks a bit short in the armholes for my chunky arms so I may have to add a couple more rows onto each piece before I finish off completely for the shoulder seams.

I spent the other day unravelling a couple of WIP as I decided that they never would reach completion and so I was ruthless and ripped them apart. Once a WIP goes beyond a certain time I figure that I must not really want it or need it otherwise I would have finished it off by now. I still have a babies hooded jacket that I started just after Christmas that just needs a half of a sleeve the hood and the bands. As I mentioned the other day it will now fit the younger brother and not the older one that it was intended for. It is one of those pieces of knitting that I just can't seem to find enthusiasm for.In this case it is the colour that I don't like. I don't know about you but if I like what I am crocheting then it flies off the hook. If I don't like the pattern stitch or the wool that I am using then it can take me forever to make it.

My scar is now healing nicely. The District Nurse still hasn't been. I was supposed to get a visit on Monday but no-one called. I am out to the hospital tomorrow for physio so I bet that they call then. If they don't call soon then I will ring them up as they are supposed to sign me off from treatment on all of the paperwork otherwise it looks as though my treatment has not been completed. I was hoping to get out today for a bit of fresh air but it has been raining solidly since I got up this morning so I think fresh air will be delayed until tomorrow when I have to go out.

I am hoping to get down to Purl City Yarns on Friday for the grand Opening between 2 - 8pm. I now feel mobile enough to get a taxi there and see the shop and the stock for myself. This is an extract from the e mail that I got inviting me to the opening

***Join us at Purl City Yarns this Friday for a double whammy yarn filled event, that should not to be missed!!!

Between 2pm - 9pm we would love you to come along to our Grand Opening where we will have knitting, crochet and spinning demos throughout the day with nibbles, wine and much more ...

Then, at 6pm we have the very first exhibition opening at Purl Gallery (above the shop) of Knit and Destroy's new exhibition 'Knit and Destroy Goes To The Movies' by Kandy Diamond.
Join us in the gallery for wine and popcorn, meet the artist and get the first look at our brand new gallery.

To all of those yarn fanatics who have already visited the shop since we opened on the 12th October thank you for all your purchases, support and enthusiasm - we have been really pleased to meet you all.

If you haven't yet visited us then this Friday is the time to come and see what we have in the shop - we look forward to seeing you in the shop.

Until then please visit our blog to keep right up to date with everything that is happening at the shop:


See you Friday :o) and please feel free to invite all your friends along... ***

I am going to try to finish off the bodywork on the ribbed crochet jacket tonight. Not sure if I will start the sleeves next or tackle the wide band that I will need to add. That will be like crocheting all around an afghan. It's a good job that the weather isn't warm as it makes a very good knee warmer as I am crocheting it.

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