Saturday, 9 October 2010

Sequoia Shrug

I made the Sequoia Shrug for Rachael (Artyarn) as a house warming present. She is in the process of moving to a new house prior to her wedding next year and as the house has been standing empty for a little while I made her this shrug to ward off the chills until the house warms through again. I have put a link to the free Lion Brand pattern in the title of the blog. For those of you with Ravelry it should be easy to find. It is basically a rectangle with a little stitching to form armholes. I had to put my scarf pin to model it as Rachael is smaller than I am and the shrug would not stay put to be photographed. I didn't make one for her fiance as I didn't think he would appreciate it ;-). He will have to make do with a blanket. They have a lot of household things already so I decided against buying anything for the house. They will get wedding presents next year.

It took 3 x 200 grams of James C Brett Marble Chunky and the gorgeous autumn shade is MC7. It has all the shades in it that I think that Rachael likes.

I am still crocheting the white Blue Curacao shawl but I started another All Shawl as I was engrossed in a programme on TV last night and wanted something that I didn't have to watch every stitch and row. I am making this shawl for the same lady that I am making the white shawl for. I met her in hospital and she has been having a bit of a rough time of it lately.

The postman brought me the latest edition of Inside Crochet. There are a couple of OK patterns in it but nothing that makes me want to grab a hook. I will put some photos on the blog tomorrow.

I had 40 staples in my knee and I felt everyone of them as they came out. I am not a wimp but I sure had tears in my eyes as the District Nurse yanked some of them out. She put another dressing on it and told me to leave it on over the weekend and then take it off. I am going to have to ring the nurses to see if they are coming back to redress it on Monday as I have a small patch of yellow on the dressing which doesn't seem too healthy to me. The nurse from Friday wasn't sure if anyone else was coming out to me but I would like another check on the wound just to check for any signs of infection. That worries me more than the operation did. I am always so scared of anything getting infected.

My niece came this morning with some shopping and helped me to change the bedding. My son is also calling, possibly tomorrow, with some more shopping for me so I should be OK for food for another week. I am still trying my best to eat as healthily as I can and my niece said today that I looked as though I had lost some weight. I did lose a lot when I was in hospital but as I returned to home eating a bit came back on again. I have ordered lots of fruit to eat instead of any after dinner treats. I figure that if there is nothing naughty in the fridge then I can't get tempted off the straight and narrow. I asked for all of my ready dinners to be healthy options wherever possible. I know it is not as good as cooking for myself but that will hopefully come next week as I am more mobile.

Rachael (Artyarn) is finishing off the crochet sculptures in Accrington today and will be putting photos on her blog once they are finished. I will either post photos or put a link to her blog once she puts them on there.


Anonymous said...

You're getting some rosy back in your cheeks. Definitely have them come back and check that wound.

I've been looking at that shrug myself. I'm glad I got to see it finished by you. Love those colors.

CajunBlu said...

Waiting until Moday is a long time to wait if the yellow is a sign of infection.  You need to put some Peroxide or Bacitracine on your knee until the nurse can get there.

Lovely shrug - by the way - and those colors are my favorites  :-)

Mad about Craft said...

Try not to worry about the discharge on the dressing,hopefully it is just oozing from a clip hole, it is very common. I suggest you take the dressing off on Monday as instructed. If the actual wound doesn't look right you could then ring the District Nurse.

marg41 said...

You are looking so much better Jan. You should now feel much better too with the removal of the staples. Hope the Nurse comes back to check on you. There is one thing, you will not starve will you?! Thank goodness for family. Take care and look after yourself Jan.

marg41 said...

You are looking so much better Jan. You should now feel much better too with the removal of the staples. Hope the Nurse comes back to check on you. There is one thing, you will not starve will you?! Thank goodness for family. Take care and look after yourself Jan.

Zuleika said...

That shrug is really pretty! I'm sure she'll love it. I may be tempted to make one myself. :-)

I'm cringing just thinking of your stitches being yanked out! *shudder* Hope you're feeling a bit better today.
Glad to know you can still crochet. :-)

ArtYarn said...

Hey Jan,
aawwww,,, the shrug is awesome!!!
thank you so much, you're so thoughtful.

i will come round soon to see you , we are well in the thick of things right now... boxes of stuff everywhere.
next week i will have loads more time to come round for a cuppa and a catch up.

take care of that knee and i'll see you very soon xxxx

Linda said...

In the hospital here in the States, they gave me some prescription ointment to put on my wound. My wound care nurse told me to use an alcohol cotton 1" swab and swab up one side, use another swab and swab up the other side, and then use a third swab to swab up the middle where the cut was. I did that every day before my staples were out. And then I continued to swab it with the ointment - eventually progressing to over-the-counter Neosporin cream.