Monday, 25 October 2010

Increasing My Stash Yet Again

Well I did go to the official opening of Purl City Yarns so how could I come away without buying something? I think that I was remarkably restrained considering all the goodies that were on display to choose from. Lovely as some of the yarns are as you know I do have a problem wearing anything wool so I chose some King Cole Bamboo Cotton DK as that is lovely and silky smooth and I know that it won't itch me in wear. I haven't yet decided what I will make with it so for the moment it is just in stash.
I bought 5 King Cole patterns. 3 for crochet and 2 for knitting. As the patterns are double sided I photographed them on one side and then the other so it looks like I bought 10 patterns. As you already know I find it very difficult not to buy every crochet pattern and book that I see but this time I didn't buy every one. When I manage to go down for another visit then the rest might get bought then.
I have almost finished my secret project and will photograph it and show it on the blog later in the week. I also crocheted a cuff for my jacket so that will be the next thing to get finished. My niece went to Yarn Barn in Shaw for some wool for me to make a scarf for a friend's birthday in December and my other niece's friend has chosen her pattern for a knitted cardigan so I will ask my local niece if she can get the wool for that. I think that this next couple of months is going to be a busy knitting time for me.
I went to the local Farmers Market on Sunday. They come about 4 times a year to the precinct. I just love the French bread. It does help that the two guys who sell it are very handsome and have such lovely accents! This time I managed to get to the stall as they had left a gap for my scooter to fit through. The downside of this was that I spent far more as I could see all of the wares. The pastries at the front of the photo were delicious. One was raisin and was similar to a Danish pastry and the long pastry was filled with chocolate and some kind of a custard cream filling and was truly scrummy.
I also bought some lamb for the freezer and some Greek Moussaka for later in the week. I cooked a Lamb Henry yesterday and there is enough left over for my dinner tonight. I am not sure which part of a lamb the Henry comes from but I roasted it like a leg and it was very tasty.
Time to finish off the secret project and then scoot up to the bank to pay something off my credit card. I have not been adding to the card but it does have the scooter and the recliner armchair on it. It will get paid off very soon but no doubt I will have to use the card over Christmas for presents etc. I am glad that I bought both of them instead of saving up for them as they have both come in very useful in making my life easier over the past couple of months.
It's cold again today and next door's cat is curled up on the spare bed in the warm.He is not daft. He leaves his house in the morning and decides it's too cold to be prowling the street so comes and taps on my patio door to come in here. No doubt when he leaves me he will tap on the window of next door to be let back in again. It's a cat's life!


Anonymous said...

It's the shoulder of the lamb.

Can't wait to see your next "wonders of creation."

Sounds like you're starting to feel better and when I come to visit I want some of that yummy bread. ;-)

June said...

Can't wait to see what your secret project is. Love the Bamboo yarn, it is so soft to wear and the colour is gorgeous too.

KnitNurd said...

Love the color of the Bamboo, Jan..that will look fantastic on you!!!
Oooohh, a secret project? I'm looking forward to seeing what it is!!!