Monday, 18 October 2010

Shh Don't Wake Me I Am Napping

Just a few lines to say that I am OK but just incredibly sleepy. I am not sleeping through the night and doing a good impersonation of a Jack In A Box in and out of bed, wandering around the house when I am supposed to be in bed sleeping. My knee just decides to ache the most as soon as I get into bed.

This means that whenever I am supposed to be awake I am in my chair napping. I have been like Rip Van Winkle these last couple of days. Every time I pick up my crochet I nod off over it. Good job that nothing has a deadline to be finished!.

I also feel really cold despite wearing a fleece jacket and cranking up the heating. I hope that I am not sickening for something. The good news is that, touch wood, the scar seems to be healing at last. I am just waiting for the District Nurse to call to confirm this.

Thanks Linda and everyone for all of your advice. My knee feels very stiff and numb as I haven't been doing the exercises properly. No doubt I will get a telling off when I go to physio on Wednesday. I hope that they put me back on the machine that works my knee for me as I found that to be a great help whilst I was in hospital. They really should loan them out for people like me who haven't used their knee properly for years before the operation.

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June said...

I hope you have a good night's sleep tonight Jan. Have a nice hot milky drink before bedtime and perhaps take a good book to bed with you. I always drop off after reading for a while. Also, try to do your exercises, as they will help your knee to get better and once you can go out walking again, you should sleep better at night anyway. Thinking of you xx