Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Peach All Shawl

The colour of this shawl is described as fawn by Patons but I think that it looks more of a pale peach colour. The shawl is ,of course, another All Shawl which is a free pattern from Doris Chan. Although this shawl is quite plain apart from the edging I love making it as it is a crochet along no brainer for when I can't concentrate on anything a bit more complicated. It took 10 x 50 grams of Patons Solo Fawn shade 2248. I am not sure if Solo is still available but it is classed as a chunky with mohair. It is a fine chunky though and I would describe it more of a thick aran.

Try to ignore the clutter on the coffee table as I have everything all around me when I am crocheting. I can't stand having to get out of my chair to find this or that. It drives my ex crazy when he comes around but it's my house and I quite like a bit of clutter. It is the tools of my trade to me and not clutter. I might need the tape measure, the stitchmarkers, the pins, scissors or sewing up needle at any minute - who knows.

The shawl will be posted off to Debra, a lady that I met in hospital, as soon as I finish off her white Blue Curacao shawl which I put down as I found that I could not concentrate on it whilst I wasn't feeling 100%.

Today I feel a bit better but I put that down to having a reasonable night's sleep. Yesterday I felt very droopy and didn't do much at all except chat to the gardener and the bin cleaner. I live such an exciting life ;-)

I read on Facebook that my friend Charlie's opening day for Purl City Yarns was a great success. I wish her well with this venture and hope to visit her (and the wool of course) as soon as I am back up and around again. I have not been told that I have to stay in but with the leg wound problem I am keeping myself to myself just in case there is any infection present. The serous fluid is still leaking quite a lot and I have had many changes of dressings. I was thinking of taping a Tena lady pad to it last night as the dressings were lasting less than a couple of hours.The District nurse may call today and I will ask her if she has any padded dressings for the night time. How much fluid can a girl leak?

I did some hoovering today and the dishes but baulked at anything else. I am going to settle down and try to resume crocheting the white shawl this afternoon as I can concentrate better in the daylight. I want to get the shawls posted off as I don't want Debra to think that I have forgotten about her. I only have her address and not a phone number so I can't call to explain.

The sun is shining today. Just watch. The minute that I decide that I can go out and about the rain will start. It's called Jan's luck. Thank you to everyone for your continued support. I do appreciate it and it gets me through a day when I am not feeling 100%.


June said...

Another beautiful shawl Jan. Your friend from the hospital will be so pleased with it. Glad that you are feeling well enough to start crocheting again. It's only good sense to have all your tools around you, it doesn't look messy at all.

Anonymous said...

Oh Jan, that shawl looks so soft and comfy. It's been so cold here I'd like to have it right now to wrap around me while I drink my morning coffee. Guess I could make one for myself, couldn't I. ;-)

Take care of that new knee. I don't blame you for not getting out and about just yet. I'm astonished you were able to do some hoovering yesterday. Keep up the good work with your exercises.

Beansieleigh said...

Clutter on your coffee table?.. Oh, I feel better now! I thought I was the only one to have one of those! There is ALWAYS at least a skein of yarn, and a crochet hook to be found there!... LOVE how your shawl came out! Very pretty!... Have a great day Jan! ~tina

pattas said...

It is lovely, love the edging :))