Wednesday, 20 October 2010

First Physio Class

I have just been for my first physio knee class at the hospital. My knee now aches so much I want to scream. I know that I have to do the exercises but they were so hard and most of the class had their knee ops weeks before mine. I didn't feel quite so much of a wimp though when I realised that a lot of people were still struggling with the knee bends that I find so hard when I would have thought that they would have been further advanced than I am. Apparently I have to concentrate on getting the muscles to work behind my knees when the swelling goes down. When I asked for ideas on how to move this swelling which is stopping me from bending my knee they didn't give me an answer. I asked my specialist after the op if it would go down and he said that he didn't know.Maybe it would , maybe it won't. No one seems to know the answer to this question. It is this swelling that is stopping me from bending my knee properly. I have tried ice packs as the hospital suggested and today the physio suggested to use heat so I am none the wiser.
Today I managed to finish the band on my long jacket. I have the sleeves and the tie belt ( if I decide to make one) still to make. I think that the jacket is a bit on the small side for me but then I am supposed to be losing weight and crochet always 'gives' a little in wear. Apart from it's snugness it looks quite nice even though it doesn't yet have it's sleeves.
Today I went to the hospital via the appointment ambulance. It means waiting around for it to call for me and then waiting around for it to pick me back up again but I just don't feel confident enough to face the lurching of the buses and trams until I can get rid of the crutches. I am now allowed to walk about the house without them but still need to take them out with me if I go for a walk. I didn't mention that I have a scooter as the range that it does would not take me to the hospital and back again . Walking up to Tesco and carrying shopping is something for the future anyway so I will continue to use the scooter when I need to shop and save the walking for around the block where the pavement is more on the level. As I have mentioned before I live on a hill and I don't feel up to walking up and down inclines just yet. I have been told never to carry heavy shopping bags after my spinal operation so when I can walk again it will be back to the trusty old shopping trolley.
The weather today is nice and sunny but quite cold. My neighbours cars all had a coating for frost on them when I woke up. Last night I had to bribe the neighbour's cat with chicken to leave the house. Every time he stuck his nose outside in the cold he dashed back in. He must have needed the loo as he had been in most of the day. He is sleeping on the spare bed as I type. He doesn't like the cold weather at all.
My knee has now stiffened up so perhaps I will try that heat and massage.. I feel muscle bound like someone who has been in the gym too long for the first time. I hope that this feeling passes soon as I didn't sleep last night and so I don't fancy another night of wakefulness.


Anonymous said...

Oh Jan, I feel for you. I'm sending lots of hugs via cyberspace today. Chin up. Every day it will get better.

Enid said...

at least you are making the effort. can be annoying when waiting for transport, but better to use it yet a while>> even when off the crutches.
love how the jacket is looking. great colour
keep massaging and attempting to move the knee

CajunBlu said...

I found this online at "".  You can also do a Google search using this search criteria (exactly as written):

+"physical therapy" +"post-operative knee"

There are many exercises to increase range of motion after total knee replacement surgery.  It is important to listen to your own body and physician to decide when it is most appropriate to begin these exercises.  Below is just one example of a way to increase knee flexion.

(1)  Sit upright on a chair.  (make sure the chair is not too low.  your hips should be higher than your knees)

(2)  Take your non operated leg and cross it gently over the ankle of the operated leg.

(3)  Slowly and smoothly begin bending your operated knee while remaining in the seated position.

(4)  Assist as needed by posteriorly pushing your non operated leg against the operated leg's ankle.

(5)  Stop when resistance or discomfort is felt.

(6)  Hold for 10 seconds.

(7)  Repeat 5 more times.  Three times per day.

As always discuss this activity with your physician or physical therapist before performing.

crazymotheringchick said...

Your sweater is looking very nice, and I, too, love the color.

Hope you heal quickly. I know when my hands were messed up and the doctors kept saying 'I don't know' when I asked if they would get better, I just kept working with them. It took months, but they're much better now.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear you're having trouble. Weird that they can't give you any useful info for reducing swelling. Then again, we can't expect too much from those medical folk. ;-)