Sunday, 25 November 2007

What a great day!

I had a wonderful birthday. Quite the best one I can remember in a very long time. Not because of the presents (which were very useful welcome ones) but the fact I had family and friends around me most of the day. For someone who spends 90% of her time alone (well apart from the dog) it was a day to remember.

First visitors were my brother and his wife who bought me a lovely warm hooded coat (pictured right on the photo) who stayed for about an hour. Next came my friend Caroline with her son who bought me the Sock Book pictured plus the chocolates and a bunch of flowers. Her husband couldn't quite believe that anyone would want a sock book as a present but I did and it was most gratefully received. I will certainly be making use of it once the Christmas knitting/crochet is out of the way. Whilst my friend was here my niece arrived with my present of some walking boots and then to fill up the house my son, his wife and their dog arrived. They bought me a much needed set of waterproofs for my dog walking (pictured left on the photo). They then took the two dogs out for a walk which freed me up from the second walk of the day. Much as I love Buster I was glad of the break. Everyone stayed for a couple of hours.

I ran Caroline home as she had gleaned some hanging files for my filing cabinet. She rescued them from the discarded pile at her work. They had updated the filing system so they were obsolete to them. They were only too glad of her taking them away and I was overjoyed to receive them for free. I will have quite a bit of work to do this week filing my personal stuff in one drawer and all my knit and crochet patterns in the other 3 drawers. Well what else does one use a filing cabinet for?

I am off now to sample my chocolates and have a drink to toast my Birthday and finish off a perfect day. I just hope Kevin's aran sleeve doesn't have too many mistakes if I have more than one drink!

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Kamrin said...

A sock book!!!!!!! I love it when friends "get" us! Again, happy birthday!