Wednesday, 14 November 2007

16 rows done so it's time to crochet

I did my obligatory 16 rows on Kevin's aran and that brings me to 8 rows short of the armholes on the front so I may get more done tomorrow as the V and raglan shaping will mean I can get more rows done as the stitches decrease. There is hope for a finish before Christmas. This knitting is taking me the longest time to complete a garment in a long time. It's very slow going compared to my usual speed.

I could not wait to start some crochet. I am making a short sleeved cardigan for my ex husband's new wife for Christmas. I am using some cotton I bought from Lidl and am very pleased with the quality of it considering how little I paid for the cotton. I have made the back already and started one of the fronts. I really am a crochet girl at heart. I just love how fast it grows. My wrist is aching somewhat but I am not sure if it is from the aran, the crochet or just the cold weather annoying my arthritis.
I must try to master how to use my digital camera as the photo above taken with a web cam is fuzzy and the colours are all wrong. The aran is a denim blue shade and the crochet is a dark denim blue shade.

The dog is happy now he is back to his off the lead walks and stick retrieving. He loses the stick many times though because of the thick drift of leaves. He has a habit of skidding to a halt and that causes a mini avalanche of leaves down the hillside and so he loses the stick. He has a good nose and often eventually finds it but sometimes I have to distract him with another stick or we would be there all day whilst he sniffs around trying to find the lost one. We had a hairy moment today when we met a woman walking 7 dogs in a variety of sizes. She had them all off the lead and so they were reacting as a pack so it was a bit unnerving for Buster as they clustered all around him. I managed to shoo the aggressive ones away with my stick as she had little control over them. Surely even an animal lover would not keep 7 dogs. Imagine the vet bills on those!

I overslept this morning as I had a very disturbed night's sleep. I must have eventually dozed off in the wee hours and so I slept in until 9.30am which is unheard of for me! I normally get by on 5 - 6 hours sleep per night. Last night I had about 4hrs I think. I was going to have an early night but here it is at 1.30am and I am typing on the blog as I don't feel tired at all. I will go to bed in a few minutes though and try to get some sleep.

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