Monday, 19 November 2007

One more Christmas gift finished

I have finished the denim blue crochet short sleeved cardigan (well apart from sewing in a couple of tails and putting the buttons on) I have made for my ex's 2nd wife for Christmas. Yes I know, people do find it strange that we exchange Christmas presents but we do. I have also started one of the sleeves for Kevin's suit of armour aran so am hopeful on a finish for that before Christmas but as I hurt my wrist last time I pressed on with it I am proceeding very slowly with that one.

I woke this morning to a scene of mayhem in the back garden. I have several of those temporary plastic grow house structures and one of the smaller ones had blown over during the night scattering it's contents all around. I also had quite a few plant pots with cabbages and sprouts growing in them on a shelf and they are now upside down on the floor. I guess I will be spending some time sorting everything out. I had already decided to dismantle the smaller grow houses for the winter but just not got around to it so I guess Mother Nature is giving me a push! I will have to find ways of tying the 2 big grow houses down more firmly as I need to keep them assembled over the winter to protect the cabbages etc when the frost comes.

I sat last night compiling my "to do" list for Christmas gifts and decided that if I am to make the things which I would like to make as gifts then I will need even less sleep and plenty black coffee. My toes aren't doing much whilst I watch the TV. Is it too late to teach them to crochet? I must organise my time a bit better. 2 dog walks per day use up valuable craft time. I had thought of crocheting as I walk along but Buster demands stick and ball throws on a minute by minute basis so my gloves get very muddy so perhaps it's not a good idea after all. I could cut down on the housework I suppose but as my house is very disorganised even on a good day then I would probably lose things even more. I could stop perusing the PC as much. I am addicted to looking at other people's blogs and I have to look daily on Flikr to see the latest crochet photos. It's a bit like being a kid in a sweet shop. I see lovely things on a daily basis and bookmark them to give me ideas for later. I will never have enough hours in a day to make a quarter of the things I would like to.

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Mad about Craft said...

Hi! Yes, I know I am over a week late reading this post but like you, I find there are just not enough hours in a day to do all the things i would like to do. That's why I decided I wouldn't make Christmas presents this year but I am already thinking of ideas for next year. Maybe if I start early I might get some finished. I can but hope!