Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Flapper style mohair hat and scarf

I crocheted a flapper style hat with matching scarf from some Hayfield Mohair and when I tried it on I felt like Mary Pickford or one of the old movie stars about to be abducted by Rudolph Valentino and taken to his tent in the desert. The hat and scarf are really warm. The scarf could be used as a wrap it's quite wide but I feel it is far too hot for me to ever wear and so will be destined for sale if anyone would be willing to pay the cost of 6 balls of mohair. I doubt if either of my nieces are warm hat kind of girls so can't think of anyone that I could give it to as a Christmas present.

I have finished off Sue's cardigan and put some slightly glittery blue buttons on it so I hope she will like it. I took another photo with me wearing it and it does look marginally better than the flat on the hanger photo I took yesterday.

Buster has hurt his leg. I don't know what he has done. He came back from his walk on Monday and was OK and then later on I was in the kitchen when I heard a bang and a lot of scuffling and he came in limping and showing me his paw. I presume he fell off the sofa and landed funnily. I have checked his foot and leg over thoroughly and nothing seems swollen but he is still limping. I didn't take him for walks yesterday and today he is walking better but still limping. If it doesn't get any better then I will have to visit the vet's once again. I know it sounds mean but I really can't afford another trip this month so I am hoping he has just pulled something and will be back to his normal self tomorrow.


Kamrin said...

Wow! You really are a crochetoholic! I am inspired!
I am sorry about your dog's leg though.

Crobbles said...

When we had problems with one of our dogs limping, we gave her half an asprin and some cod-liver oil in her dinners. As long as there's no swelling or strange lumps, rest and warmth will be fine. I'm sure Buster will be up at the window barking at the postman instead of resting.

The mohair hat and scarf do look glamorous!