Friday, 16 November 2007

The penalty of knitting too much

I have been cursed by Kevin's aran. I had knitted one side of the V whilst watching "How to look good naked" last night on TV so tonight I tried to push on with the 2nd side and try to get it finished off tonight. I had to chart out the decreases as I was adapting from a cardigan pattern which had the front bands knitted in so I could not use their version of the neck decreases. I had got two thirds of the way up the second bit of the V when I got this pain in my wrist. I think I have upset my carpal tunnel operation site as my wrist is aching badly. The knitting is fairly stiff so I must have done too many rows over the last 2 days. I hate wearing the wrist strap as it has a metal bar running all along my palm so makes it impossible to bend my hand ( that's probably the point of it!) so typing is difficult. I hope a good night's rest will stop the pain. I am not going to try to do more than my 16 rows tomorrow. I have learnt my lesson the hard way.

I had put my knitting down on the sofa before putting it away for the evening, I picked up my glass of orange juice (wearing my splint) and then whilst watching tv I nodded off and spilt the almost full glass down me and all over the aran front and the sofa. Well that woke me up fairly quickly. Good job it wasn't coffee! I can't wash the front as it is still on the needles so I will just have to hope that it doesn't stain.

The dog is back to his 2 walks a day off his lead. he is back to chasing sticks so I think he is over the operation now. He was a bit fretful this morning as I went to water aerobics and then to Asda. This was the first time I had left him since his operation and he has been very clingy. We had some sad news at the water aerobics. One of our ladies died at the weekend aged 69. I didn't go last week but she was there the week before. She looked about 55 I had no idea she was over 60. I didn't get the full story of what exactly happened but I did hear someone mention cancer. Another of our ladies has had a mastectomy but we have not had any news of how she is as yet.

The lump under my chin is still there and has not gone any smaller so I guess I will be getting referred to the specialist if it's still there next week. It's not painful but it does seem to get larger when I am eating so I think the dentist's tentative diagnosis of a blocked saliva gland is probably right.

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