Sunday, 4 November 2007

Mum - please don't ever leave me again!

My doggie is on the road to recovery. He is very stressed and clingy after his trip to the vet. His operation is something he will recover from and will hopefully thank me for if it works on stopping his recurrent water infections. The trauma of mum leaving him for a whole day is something that may take a while. For those who do not know my dog's history he is a rescued dog who had previously been beaten, starved and ill treated. Before he came to me (via my son) he had 3 previous owners so I guess every time he is left and caged he must feel like he is being abandoned once again. I am giving him plenty of TLC and re-assurance and hopefully this anxiousness will pass. The photo is of him clinging around my feet. Wherever I am he is there. The room was dark so the photo is too. This is his back to me, how could you do this to me, leave me alone pose.

Yesterday I went to my step great grand daughter's 2nd birthday party and took Buster with me. He stayed in the car in the drive and had to wear his silly lampshade contraption to stop him licking the wound. I cannot bear to leave him in it all day long as he can't navigate his way around wearing it and was demolishing my house in the process. I rang the vet's and they said just to put him in it when I am not with him or we are sleeping etc. I am off to Tesco to supermarket shop so he will come with me and stay in the back seat of the car. I will find a secluded part of the car park so people won't make fun of him wearing his lampshade. We have a check up tomorrow but everything seems to be healing nicely although his bits are a lovely shade of purple! I will find out then if they removed his prostate gland. I was so intent on getting him home that I forgot to ask on Friday!

I have recovered my crochet mojo. I do try to knit a few rows on Kevin's sweater every day but I had to wear my hand strapping over the weekend as I think that with the work being rather stiff and patterned it has made my wrist and hand ache. It is 11 months since my carpal tunnel operation but every now and again it really pains me if I do too much knitting and crochet. I decided to crochet a chunky cardigan for myself in easy peasy trebles ( well until I get to the yolk part) so did the back and two fronts in no time. The photo shows part of the crochet along with the front of an aran cardigan for my friend Caroline. I do like knitting but crochet is my first love. I wore my short sleeved Gedifra cotton crochet top to the party and it was very much admired by my ex husbands wife. It may sound strange but we do have a very friendly relationship and exchange Christmas presents so I now know what she will be having for her present. I bought some cotton from Lidl in a lovely shade of denim blue and then discovered in my stash that I had already got some cotton in an almost identical shade so the Lidl cotton has her name on it now. We rarely meet socially so it is unlikely that we would turn up to the same event wearing the same style top. Mine is a dark dusty pinky purple anyway.


Susan said...

Poor Buster, I'm sure he'll recover in no time and be back to his usual self.

Mad about Craft said...

I am glad Buster is on the road to recovery.

I think you are a brave soul, knitting suits of armour, I haven't knitted one for years as I don't think my poor old hands would stand it, although i love them.