Monday, 15 October 2007

Victorian Crochet

Today's blog is a series of photos from a book I bought a long time ago. It may be still available. it is called Victorian Crochet by Weldon and Company. Originally published in 1895 my book was bought in 1974 and circulated by Constable and Company from London or Dover Publications in New York.

I stand in awe of the attention to detail and patience the Victorian crocheting ladies had. Some of the patterns would not be out of place in today's world. I can well imagine the chemise trimmings atop a lovely pure silk night gown. An asset to any ladies boudoir. I would also love to make the edgings for the curtain blinds. Much nicer than the ones available today. They were apparently crocheted around purchased shapes to make the size uniform and I presume weight them down for the edge of the blind.

Victorian ladies I salute you.

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