Monday, 29 October 2007

Sad end to a really nice day

Today I managed to get to the Knit Out of the Knitting Noras. I took my bag of premature baby clothes up. Vicky has promised to get them to Lisa who in turn will take them to Ann the landlady who had requested them for Bolton Premature baby unit. My niece had kindly offered to drive me to Bolton as my car will not be taxed until Nov 1st. I had a very enjoyable afternoon crocheting away and chatting.

My niece had told me she had to be home by 3pm so I was getting a little worried when she didn't arrive at the cafe to take me home. I tried to phone and text without success. Eventually I managed to get hold of her and she said she was looking for her purse as she had lost it. When we eventually met up and discussed this she said when she got into one of the shops she thought it was funny that her bag was unzipped. I said to her that my opinion was that she hadn't lost her purse but that she had been robbed. She now has the trauma of cancelling her bank and credit cards. Whoever took the purse didn't get much money. People are very crafty as she wears her bag almost underneath her armpit, as I do, when shopping so they must be very experienced to manage to extricate her purse from it.

I feel very bad as I had asked her to take me to Bolton and so feel a little responsible for her missing purse. She is very philosophical about it all. She is more annoyed about the inconvenience of cancelling her cards as she has a dental appointment on Tuesday and has no way of getting into the bank to get some cash out. A sad sobering end to what was otherwise really good day for me.

I got the bunny slippers back again. I had given the pieces to my niece to stitch up and embroider the face on but she was unsure on how to work the edging around the slippers so gave them back to me. I have finished them off and posted a photo on here. The pattern is from the Happy Hooker Stitch n Bitch book. I crocheted one strand of Jazz and one of double knit together. The work was quite firm to work with but although it is difficult to crochet with the Jazz it makes an attractive finish for the slippers.

Kevin's aran sweater is progressing very slowly. It is working up very firmly and so is hard going on the hands. I can only work a pattern (16rows) without taking a break. It seems to be having a soporific effect on me as I keep falling asleep mid row! I hope it will get finished in time for Christmas.

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Caroline F said...

Hi Jan - Glad to see you got home - although it totally sucks that your niece's purse has been stolen. Just wanted to thank you on behalf of Michael for showing him how to crochet - he reckons he has the hang of it now, so I'm looking forward to all sorts of goodies!