Tuesday, 30 October 2007

My machine is a Diva

My knitting machine is having a strop. It is being a total diva and a Prima Donna. I had forgotten over the years that my machine has a personality of it's own. I can almost hear it's words.

"How dare she ignore me, shut me up in the loft wrapped in cloths and plastic for over 15yrs and then expect me to work with just a clean and a spray of WD 40. Ha! I will teach her. To add insult to injury she expects me to knit scrappy bits of donated yarn when she KNOWS I only like the very best yarn running through my needles. I will let her cast on and then bunch up all the yarn on the stitches and spit them off. If I really don't like the yarn I will stop in the middle of a row and refuse to budge. She thinks that waxing the yarn will work. Wrong. Excuse me but I want quality and until she gives in and feeds me with what I want I will continue to strop! Cat blankets indeed !. I am meant for fine delicate lace work and Rolls Royce yarn"

I have spent the morning battling with this Diva and have come to the conclusion that it just doesn't want to knit the bits up for cat and dog blankets. Now it is up and running (when it feels like it) I will probably give in and try knitting something better quality. I have some acrylic 4ply and whilst it is not of premier quality by any stretch of the imagination it feels soft and silky enough to fool the Diva! I am going to try to make a plain sweater with it to start me off on the right road again. I have put the photos up on here showing the bunched up portions. I did unravel most of the bunches but these got left.

I spent all of yesterday morning looking for my spare passport photos as apparently they are changing the bus pass system in April 2008. (Yes folks I really AM that old). It sounds a much better scheme as I will now be able to get free off peak travel on ALL local buses anywhere in England. I don't go to many places but it's nice to know that if I do then I can still use my bus pass to get about. This morning I awoke and knew exactly where I had put the photos! My short term memory is very patchy at times which is probably why I couldn't remember where they were yesterday. Now if I could just remember where that spare million pound is !!!!!!


Crobbles said...

Oh the joys of machine knitting! Your thoughts on what the machine was saying made me chuckle. It's so true!
I'm looking forward to your first garment.

PS Perran thinks the yellow Bunny slippers are fabulous.

Susan said...

Did you check the sponge bar on your machine? Maybe it needs replacing and that could be the reason it's not knitting properly - Just a thought.