Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Crochet and knitted hats - no laughing please!

I am on my "2007" quest for a knitted or crochet hat that doesn't look too ridiculous atop my noggin. The contenders so far are pictured above. The multi coloured one was called Kilim Cap by Sacha Kagan from the book Crocheted Hats on the Go by Vogue Knitting. I had to adapt mine by changing hooks and doing more rows as although the pattern called for Rowan 4ply mine turned out doll sized in UK 4ply. I am not a swatcher of hats, more of a knit/crochet it and see kind of girl which means I do a lot of trying on, usually a lot of laughing, and a lot of unravelling or frogging as the US blogs call it. Why frogging? What has a frog to do with unravelling or am I missing the point somewhere? I have worn it several times so far so I must deem it to be wearable.

The Jade green hat was from a free (I love the word free) pattern from Knitty.com for a hat called Foliage. As usual I was watching tv and glancing at the pattern and so completely overlooked that there were 2 versions of the hat on the pattern in 2 thicknesses so mine is a sort of botch of the 2 as I merrily knitted the crown as for the finer version before I realised and it looked so pretty I didn't want to unrip it so consequently I have more stitches on my chunky version than I should have. It looks OK and it feels OK but I have a feeling that if I get caught in the rain or when I wash it then it will fit me like a bucket or a fireman's helmet.

Undeterred I have started hat number 3 which will be revealed at a later date. Another free pattern in some lovely yarn I bought for next to nothing from the market stall in Bury.

I have just finished crocheting the pieces for a lemon pair of Bunny Slippers from the Happy Hooker stitch n bitch book. I made my niece a pair last year in pink. This pair will probably not be photographed in their finished form as I am giving her the pieces to stitch up and embroider eyes, nose and whiskers on this time. The pink pair finished up with rather squinty eyes and lob sided noses as embroidery is not one of my finer points.

I never made it to the Pumpkin carving on Sunday as my car broke down. I have now swopped cars with my son and finished up with something that looks rather like the loser in a demolition derby but I am assured that although it is not pretty it is reliable. Who cares if it has no wheel trims. radio or aerial and the doors only open from one side? I am kind of partial to elephant grey with dents and scratches anyway! As my father used to say you can't see what the outside looks like when you are sitting in it anyway. I might have to get a radio though as I tend to sing otherwise and scare people at traffic lights etc.

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