Friday, 21 September 2007

Why I should never crochet with black

I have just finished my 5th short n sweet shrug from Stitch n Bitch The Happy Hooker. The friend I made a white one for asked for another in black which I finished off last night. I know now why I don't crochet with black yarn anymore. Not only does it affect my eyesight crocheting it in artificial light but I found this morning (even after being washed) that I had crocheted several hairs from Buster the boxer cross in with it. He will be forever interwoven into the shrug. I am hoping to get a break from the shrug for a while as I find I can crochet it now without the pattern which is somewhat worrying.

I have finally finished sock number 2 in Opal from the Jaywalker pattern I found free on I have started another pair of socks using a ball of wool kindly given to me by my friend Vicky and using my smaller 2.25mm needles as I feel my tension is still somewhat loose when I knit on a set despite using my makkin ( see previous posts for explanation). The set I am using is from the set of sets that I got through E bay (see previous post) as I never did receive anything from the less than Angelic Yarn site. I found out yesterday that they took the full amount of my order (£28) from my credit card on the day I placed my order even though one month later I have not received anything. They informed me by e mail that I shall be getting a full refund to my credit card but this may take some time !!! I am definitely NOT impressed with this and shall not be using the company again. They have known for some time that they could not supply me with the Sale yarn I ordered but yet still kept my money and it was only when I wrote to cancel the order that they said they would instigate a refund. Were they hoping I wouldn't notice I had already been charged for goods not dispatched? I am sorry but that is not very good business practise and not good customer service. I have never been charged automatically at the point of order with any other online company I have used. I am now faced with a bill for 2 orders on my credit card this month which is not funny when I live my life on a small budget. I will get charged for the interest on the balance that I am getting refunded as I can only afford to pay for my 2nd order from E bay. I am definitely NOT amused.

I am trying to organise what I will buy or make for family and friends for this Christmas. I left it rather late last year and it was rather a scrabble at the last moment. I have a few ideas in mind but of course I am not going to post anything on here just in case they read it.

I am still making some things for the premature babies for Bolton Hospital in between my normal knitting and crochet and have finished off one jacket. It looks very small but when I looked online I found that really premature babies have a chest size of 10" and my jacket measures 12" so perhaps it will fit. I am still going to make the next one a wee bit larger.

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