Tuesday, 18 September 2007

My sets of 5 bamboo needles have arrived

If you have been following my blog (or know me) you will be aware of my saga concerning trying to get an order delivered from a yarn site who let us say is less than Angelic! I have waited 4 weeks for a set of 5 Brittany Birch needles which will cost me (if they ever arrive) about £7 with postage. I have got so sick of waiting so my son ordered me this wonderful set of 15 sets of sets of 5 in bamboo from E bay for the princely sum of £14 and that includes postage and more to the point he ordered them on Sunday and they arrived today (Tuesday) Impressive or what? They aren't of course as good a quality as the others would have been but for the money they seem excellent value and feel lovely and smooth. The testing time will be in the knitting.

I can at last test my tension on smaller needles to start another pair of socks. Do these yarn sites realise the frustration of a knitter who is raring to go with a project and has to wait 4 weeks? I wouldn't mind if they had been in constant touch as to the state of play but I have only had 1 e mail over a week ago telling me one set of needles was in stock and on it's way to me and that was only because I had written to ask where my order was. Since then I have had no updates and no delivery. I will have to wait and see if anything shows on my credit card and if it does I will really start to get angry then. Needless to say I won't be using them again for an order. My niece is also waiting for a sock kit she ordered about 6 weeks ago. Similar story. She e mailed and they said out of stock, we will send when we can and since then she has heard nothing.

Today I am off to visit my neighbour who crochets blankets for the dogs at a rescue centre. I have got 2 partly made large crochet granny squares that were in a bag of donated yarn so I will take those with me and endeavour to finish them off into dog blankets whilst I am there.

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