Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Crochet hat in Sirdar Medici

I have just crocheted a new hat for the winter. I was out shopping and went to browse at the books in the local Oxfam shop as sometimes they have some good knit or crochet books in (hey the oldies are the goodies) and saw this wonderful yarn Sirdar Medici in a basket. It is shades of blue pink and lilac with very subtle lurex undertones and I just had to have it. I enquired how much for these 2 balls and was told 50p - yes 50p for both of them! Wow - a bargain or what! I couldn't wait to get home and turn them into a hat.

I started top down and used an alternating treble and double crochet stitch as the yarn is very soft with not much body. I had to use a largish hook as I was afraid I would not have enough yarn if I made the tension tighter. I had several try ons of the hat as I increased until I had the right head width and length. I changed to a fan or shell pattern for the brim. The fans comprise of 5 trebles with a double crochet in between alternating on the next row. The hat has turned out very light and warm and my best bargain of the year so far. A hat for 50p!

I have done a bit more on my crochet prem baby blanket but as I am using oddments there will be a few subtle colour changes as I go along as my 2 small balls of lilac looked OK in artificial light but when I looked this morning in daylight they are quite different. I am sure the babies will not notice this. I think I will run out of lilac before the end of the blanket so I will be thinking of ways to improvise as the stitch I am using has a 3 colour pattern change of dark lilac, pale lilac and white. I wonder if I could put another colour in it. Maybe I will stop when the lilac runs out and just make a larger border of dark lilac to compensate for the missing rows.

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