Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Still crocheting baby blankets for the premature babies

I am on my fourth prem baby blanket for the babies at Bolton Hospital. I got quite a bit of pink yarn donated so let's hope there are plenty of girls going to be born. I made the one pictured in a simple shell pattern but the second one I am making is in a basket weave stitch and it has gobbled up the yarn at a rate of knots so it will have to be finished off with some other colour from the donations. I didn't feel like frogging the whole blanket so I will have to improvise. I will use the basket weave as a centre and perhaps work a border around it. The photo also shows a couple of premature baby jackets. The pink one was knitted from an old Studley doll pattern and the yellow jacket was crocheted from a free pattern I found on Bev's Preemie patterns Internet site. She has posted a few free patterns on there. Her only stipulation is that they are used for donations or private use.
Tonight I am off to the hospital for an appointment with the back specialist. I had been overlooked and forgotten as I presumed. It is a pity that it has taken an MP's letter to the hospital to get them to admit it. They are, of course, blaming the secretary's for all of this. Conveniently the secretaries were temporary and they have now left so it's all too easy to lay the blame at their door when they can't answer back. My niece is coming with me to see what he has to say to me this time. The last time I saw him (almost 2yrs ago) he was lecturing me on my weight and telling me I am obese and in danger of dying on the operating table. I hold my hands up to overweight but as I am a size 16 (UK) dress size then half the women in the UK must be obese with me. It's all a scheme to get the waiting lists down. Overweight? then get off the list. You smoke (I don't ) then you are off the list also. There is a programme on ITV on Monday with Trevor McDonald I am going to watch as it is all about the subject of cancelled operations. I actually fit into a size 14 skirt that I am going to wear tonight and the waist is loose. Obese - yeah right!
I am hoping to get back to the gym on the BEATS programme as my Xray for my rib area that I had done at the local hospital (different one to the back hospital) the results have finally arrived at my GP's after a 6 week wait. I think it must have been a deep muscle sprain or tear as the pain went about 2 weeks ago (after 4 weeks of agony) I am a victim of the NHS. Does everyone else have such trouble. Perhaps I am just an instantly forgettable person.
There was a comment sent to my last blog that is (I think) in Portuguese. I have tried to find out how to remove it as it appears ( I tried to translate using Babelfish) to be soliciting for something. Please don't click on it as it mentions money and anything that mentions money makes me very uneasy especially as I can't quite understand what it means. I can't find the little dustbin symbol that is supposed to appear next to the comment to enable me to remove it. Anyone out there got any ideas? I certainly do not endorse anything that would cost money to view this blog. It is nothing to do with me folks, please ignore it!

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Crobbles said...

Good luck for your hospital visit.
The prem baby bits look great. I should get round to doing something too. Ah too many projects as usual!
All the best
Vicky x