Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Shawl is 4 balls long

As you can see from the photo the black fine silk shawl is growing slowly and I have now crocheted 4 balls into it. Still slow going as I am now getting diverted by all this sunshine. I think every day that tomorrow it might all be gone and then I can do more crocheting!

I watched the programme called "How to look good naked" last night and I have to say I was really impressed. Anything that can make women feel good about the shape they have and not be made to feel a freak because they carry a little extra weight is OK in my book. Magazines who hold up stick thin people up as being style icons are truly evil in my books, thank God I grew up in an age when it wasn't a crime to have curves. I shall be watching avidly next week. The lady last night looked truly amazing in her basque on the catwalk. Oh for one of those. I have looked on the Vollers web site many times and positively drooled at the corsets and basques but unfortunately they are out of my pensioners budget. I may be 61 but I am not dead yet and would love to strut my stuff wearing one of those amazing garments (Vollers please take note!) I decided a few years ago to be happy with the way I look. So I have cellulite and many extra pounds but I don't look in the mirror any more and see ugly. It might sound big headed and probably a lot of people who look at me don't think I look good but do you know what - I don't give a flying f*** what they think. I think I look good for my age and that is all that is important to me!

The larger grow house has now arrived and is up and full of my broad beans (approx 8" tall now) and my lettuce. I have to say that I have been sneaking the odd leaf or two from my baby lettuce to put on my sandwiches so I can actually say I have eaten the first of my home grown veggies. The seeds are not showing much sign of life but then they only got planted less than a week ago. I am feeling quite motherly over the few tiny leaves that are starting to poke their heads up above soil and rush out every morning to see if any more have emerged over night.

I am still dog walking twice a day and still no weight has been lost but I am not deterred. I am out there in my vest top and shorts and don't give a hoot if I scare the neighbours with my white cellulite or not! I am going to start on the Holiday Skin Body lotion again and risk getting skin cancer out in the sunshine. Last year I went a really good colour and not from a holiday abroad. People kept asking me where I had been and I said my back garden. One of the perks of being retired. The hours are great but the wage is rubbish. I wonder if a change of government, if we get one, will increase my weekly pennies? I have grown a bit cynical in my old age and honestly can't see much difference between any of the political parties. I feel I have to vote as Emily Pankhurst chained herself to the railings on my behalf, but I do so without much enthusiasm. They all promise the earth and then forget it once they are in power.

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