Thursday, 17 May 2007

Rain, rain and more rain

Well I don't live in the rainy city for nothing. We had the good weather to tempt us and now a week of rain. Not much done in the garden at all but I have managed to finish off the black silk shawl (apart from the long fringing and that is my niece's part) and the unseamly sweater from the Happy Hooker book for my niece (would be far nicer with the lace V stitch on the sleeves as they look too heavy in the double crochet). I am on the last sleeve of my mohair cardigan, so after that I will have just 2 projects on the hook. Not for long though as I have been shown a photo of am openwork crochet bolero and asked if I can make something similar for my step great grand daughter for her sister's christening in July. I rooted through my stash and guess what - no white 4ply. I will have to go back on my promise to myself not to buy any more yarn until I have whittled the stash down. I thought I was bad but then I came across this blog ( ) where the lady had actually got a yarn cupboard with everything all neatly stashed away. I am quite envious as mine is just piled into a cupboard all higgeldy piggeldy although I did make an inventory of what I possess so I don't have to keep dragging it all out everytime I need something specific i.e. the white 4ply.

I am bathroom suite hunting at the weekend as the builder is hopefully coming on Monday to start the work. I have my fingers crossed that I will be able to get everything I want from B&Q and not do the "drive around Manchester looking for things". I not a typical woman in the fact that I hate shopping. If I can't find what I want in the first shop I get really fed up and tend to give up and go home. I am not a fussy shopper to me one bathroom suite looks very much like another! As long as it works does it really matter who designed it? I have friends who spend weeks agonising over the right shade of tiles, carpet and curtains. How many shades of a colour are there?

As for clothes shopping Argh! I can't stand all that trying clothes on business. Going from shop to shop taking my clothes off in cramped changing rooms is not my idea of fun, and don't get me started on the communal changing rooms - they are only for the very young without fat and cellulite! Nothing I try on ever quite fits me - do women not have any waists any more? I try on my size of trouser and the waistband is several sizes too large. I am the old fashioned hour glass shape. I just wish I could buy a pair of trousers without resorting to the ugly looking elastic waistband or having to get the sewing machine out to tailor the waist to fit.

Moan over for the day except I did try to get some nice 4ply white in one shop locally today without success. Oh how I miss my shop. Searching for anything other than 100% acrylic is a nightmare. I would order online but the cost of postage is so prohibitive. I keep thinking that I could buy an extra few balls of yarn with the money they want for postage. If I had known I could have bought some nice yarn last time I was in Ramsbottom - maybe bamboo or something silky as it's for a christening. Ah well - perhaps my niece is planning another visit up there soon and I can tag along for the ride.

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