Friday, 11 May 2007

Here is my 4 legged friend

This is the main reason I don't get to my blog every day. He is full of beans and wants at least 2 walks per day plus lots of attention in between. What with the walks and tending to my baby plants I haven't had much time to write.

The black crochet silk shawl is now about 20" long. It really has been a labour of love with the slithery yarn and the very small hook. It is for my niece so I don't mind all the hours it has taken so far. I will be looking forward to something with a bigger hook next time. I am still finishing the sleeve of my niece's sweater from the Happy Hooker so hopefully will have both finished by the end of the weekend.

I have been chatting to a lovely old man by the allotments today and picking his brains about my baby plants and what to do next with my broad beans. I have subscribed to the newsletter from the UK Garden programme but they talk about plots of land whereas I only have a few pots. Ah well I am learning stuff every day. It's all very hit and miss at the moment although I must say that I have been cutting a few outside leaves from my baby lettuce for my sandwiches and they do taste delicious if I say so myself.

Yesterday I went for my routine mammogram and for a nice change the lady was quite gentle. I didn't come out with my boobs flattened to within an inch of their lives and feeling like I had a run in with a road roller! I know all of this is necessary as a check for breast cancer but slightly worrying that they say " You will have the results in 4 - 6 weeks!" If anyone was diagnosed with cancer I am sure that this is a long time to go untreated. How can it take that long to see whether there is any cancer present?

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