Monday, 28 May 2007

Crochet is a no but bathroom is a yes

The bathroom is finally finished. I have spent the whole weekend cleaning up after the builders so no crochet started this weekend. I did manage to finish off the knitted baby hats but am a bit dubious as my friend arrived and asked me what they were! I hope you can see from the photo that they are an upside down daisy hat and a cherry hat (from the Itty Bitty Hat Book by Susan B Anderson).

My bathroom just needs the finishing touches and a really good clean once the grout and the silicone has dried completely and is able to get wet. I need to paint the bathroom door before the towel rail can be fitted. I am looking forward to my first shower in there later today. It's just a basic fully tiled bathroom but it's clean and fresh and that is the main thing. I could have spent a ridiculous amount of money on a luxury suite,fittings and tiles but as a pensioner I settled for the cheaper options as I didn't feel like going into debt just to keep clean!

I am going to Ramsbottom Craft shop later this week to get some nice white 4ply for the great grand daughters crochet christening boleros. My niece will thankfully be taking me as my car decided that it didn't like the supermarket fuel that I filled up with last week and keeps cutting out and stopping dead on me at very inconvenient moments. My son seems to think there is some dirt in the fuel tank. What amazes me is the inability of other drivers to understand that my hazard lights flashing signal that I have a problem and am not just stopped in the middle of the road on a whim. I had to push the car back into a side street on Saturday and that basically knackered my back for the weekend and so hampered my cleaning up efforts in the house. I will get there slowly but surely.

I had also planned to re-pot a lot of my embryo vegetables but the slugs saved me the trouble with the peppers. I closed the grow house on a tray full of 2" high peppers and opened it again the following morning to find only 4 left! I get a little disheartened sometimes. I am trying to be organic but am rapidly thinking I will have to resort to slug pellets if I want anything to eat at all. I have 3 tiny plants and 2 packs of flower seeds to plant courtesy of the Sunday Mirror. They arrived on Saturday and need re-potting immediately as they look rather dry from the journey.

I have a mountain of ironing to do but am determined to find some time this evening to do some knitting or crochet.

The rain has just stopped now after I have already got soaked to the skin taking the dog for a walk. I waited for hours and decided to brave it and now the rain has stopped. The story of my life or what

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