Monday, 4 March 2013

My Weekend With Three Dogs

No I am not being rude about any of my friends. I was looking after my Son and Daughter in law's two dogs as they went to a friend's special Birthday party and would not be home on the Saturday night. They are beautiful dogs and so well behaved but their size made my house seem very small along with Buster too,

They took Buster's throw from the sofa and had a tug of war with it. I am not sure who was winning or whether it mattered who won. If one let go them the other would torment until the game began again.

In the end I had to take the throw off them as it was in danger of being torn as they got more boisterous. After that they found my plastic cheap version of crocs sandals and had a game with those. I had taken a ball off them. I am not one to spoil their fun but they were just ripping the ball up and eating the pieces.

Eventually the game got too much for them and they fell asleep. Don't let this photo fool you as this was only a cat nap in between the game of tug of war. I think that this part of their sleep lasted about ten minutes.

They are very well behaved it's just their size and general clumsiness that is the problem. My house is full of tempting nick nacks. At one time I had to rescue a cone of machine wool off them as they were having a great time trying to pull all the wool off the cone.

Where was Buster during all this time?

He was trying his hardest to stay out of the way. Wanting my attention as if to say This is my Mum not yours. The girls dwarf Buster. Luckily for me they are the gentlest dogs and haven't got a nasty bone  in them. Other people are frightened of them because of their size but they are both so loving.

Too loving in fact. I didn't get any crochet done whilst they were here but that doesn't matter as I enjoyed my Saturday night in with the girls and my boy.

Back to normal today and some housework. I have to get rid of half eaten sticks that they bought in and chewed to shreds. I am still finding shreds all over the carpet.

Ah well it was a lovely change for me having company on a Saturday night.


Dorothy said...

ha ha ... they had a ball (literally). Sounds like they had a lot of fun and I bet they can hardly wait to come back again. xoxox

Kris said...

Your fur babies are adorable! No wonder you couldn't concentrate on crochet.