Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Crocheted Peter Pan Collars

A while ago I was asked by A dressmaking friend of mine if I would make her some Peter Pan collars to be attached to dresses that she was going to sew. I was caught up with lots of other projects that had to be finished first so I have eventually made three sample sets of collars. I found some free patterns on the net. One of them is from Garnstudio Drops and another I found on Ravelry. I am sure that I have some more collar patterns in my crochet books and magazines. I will have a browse one day. If I look now then I get sidetracked and start looking at lots of other things that I want to crochet.

I managed to make all of these from 100 grams of Patons Cotton 4ply. I have a feeling though that one set is a bit narrower than she wants so if she wants any more collars  then I will probably only get two sets out of the one ball.

I have started another of the Elegant Sweaters from Jenny King designs. This time I am using a variegated yarn from Ice yarns. I am loving the hook that I am using. A while ago I ordered a Double Stitch Twins pattern box and it came with a couple of hooks from Susan Bates attached to the pattern booklet

I had read about Susan Bates hooks but hadn't realised that they had a different hook end to what I am used to. Once I tried them I was hooked (sorry I just had to say that) and I ordered myself a set of hooks from the US through EBay. I have been using them ever since but they didn't go up to large enough sizes for some of my projects. I saw another set advertised through Red Heart that were called Crystalites. They are a posh kind of acrylic but with the same hook end that I like.

Sorry that this photo is very blurred. I think that you can see better from the shadow the shape of the hook end. Looking at it face on it looks flat and wide but from the side it h as a much deeper hook that the UK ones that I have used in the past. I do find though that it depends on which yarn I am using which style of hook end that I use. For some yarns I prefer to go back to my old Aero metal hooks that I have used for many years. Unfortunately they don't make them any more. I have tried the Clover hooks but the hook part is too short and the end too bulbous. I must crochet further down the hook that a lot of people do, I have tried the fancy expensive wooden hooks with the carved ends but they just dig into my palms and the bamboo hooks are too  light unless I am using a large size. I also tried the multi coloured wooden hooks that are supposed to be the bees knees but I didn't get on with them either and gave them away. It's funny how we all have our preferences for which hooks we prefer. I am now a convert to Susan Bates hooks.

I have bought a couple of new booklets for ladies crochet patterns and will take photos and show you the ones that I like in my next blog.

It was lovely and sunny this morning. The sun is still there but very weak now and it's starting to go quite cold out of the sunshine. I am thoroughly enjoying crocheting this new version of the Elegant sweater so I think that the sunshine and nice Yarn is helping me to recover my Crojo.

Bye for now x


June said...

So pleased your crojo has come back, I knew it was only hiding and you would soon find it again. I like your crocheted collars. They are very fashionable at the moment and give style to a plain dress.

Carol Bignall said...

WOW love the peterpan collars

Unknown said...

Nice blog. You can find many crochet patterns, including collars, on Pinterest.com