Thursday, 21 March 2013

I Will Learn Tunisian Crochet

It has been an ongoing thing. me and Tunisian Crochet. I have learnt to do a couple of stitches but so far my tension is all over the place. I am not one to be defeated in matters of crochet so I have bought a selection of books and am determined to master it. This video shows some of the books that I have bought lately. I was scratching my nose on this still - honestly!

As I mentioned in the video I have sent up a lot of my crochet to Tre La Creativity. This link is to the Facebook page but they do have a web page of the same name.

I made this jacket to be sent to Scotland. I used some gorgeous soft baby yarn from Ice. The pattern is a mix of Doris Chan and me. The basic pattern that I used is Haru by Doris Chan from the Everyday Crochet book but I added long sleeves and a picot edging.

This is an Elegant Sweater that I made using a pattern bought from Jenny King designs. The yarn that I used is Ice Magic. I have made this sweater before in a plain shade but this is the first one that I have made using a random yarn. I do have other colours in the same yarn so I may make another one as this has gone to hopefully be sold in Scotland.

A closer look at the aran thickness cotton that I bid for and won on EBay. I am using the blue on the left to make the long waistcoat from the Everyday Crochet book by Doris Chan that is shown on the video. I have only used one ball so far but it is crocheting up quite thickly and easily. Over the years I have made nearly every design from this book. I could say that it has been my best buy and most used book of all time.

I bought the pink and white yarn from Ice. The bright plain pink and the Patons Morocco I bought from Kemp's. The Morocco is on sale (this colour only) for 59p a ball. It's lovely and silky and I wish that they had more colours left. The bright pink I used for a Double Stitch twins top shown in the video and later on this blog .

This is a closer view of the Patons Morocco showing the different shades of pinks and orange.

This top isn't quite finished as it still needs a crochet flower brooch and a tie threaded around the bottom. It is a smaller version of the one that I made for myself.

The weather continues to be cold which affects my joints. The sun shone this morning and I got quite excited thinking that Spring was finally on it's way but the sun was short lived. It is now bitterly cold and snow is forecast for later this week.

Happy crocheting and I wish you all a very good weekend what ever you have planned.

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DaCraftyLady Debb said...

Love Love the top ion Hot pink, my "fav" color. :p I like Tunisian it is harder at first but then gets easier as you get more comfortable....that new pink yarn is yummy!! ~~ Debb