Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I'veBeen Busy, Very Busy

I am fine. Just not had the time to blog. I have only a couple of weeks left to my first craft fair so I have been using my time to crochet instead of blogging.

These are some of the supplies that have been arriving to me via Ebay. I think both the postman and my bank manager think that I have gone completely crazy.

Job lot that I bid for. Will be useful for scarves, hats and fingerless mitts.

More from the same job lot.

Some Colinette and Sirdar Reflections from different sales.

Rowan beige yarn that looks a bit like a bandage and some multi coloured DK cotton.

Job lot of machine cones. Now I really will have to get my machine going again.

One of three multicoloured cones that I have bought to crochet with. I just love the colours in this.

One of a pair of velvet covered hands to display fingerless mitts on my craft stall.

After paying £'s for a few flower effect wooden buttons I ordered all of these ceramic buttons from China for the same amount as I have been paying for 10 buttons in the UK.

The yarn is just a fraction of what has been arriving this last week to the house. Now you know why I have been too busy to blog!


June said...

Glad that you are OK Jan and loved looking at all your new arrivals in the post. The buttons are gorgeous and so is all the lovely colours of the yarn. Now I look forward to seeing all the beautiful things that you will be making with them.

Mad about Craft said...

Have you left anything on Ebay?

I thought you must have been busy preparing for your fair. Your elves must have very sore fingers from all the work - lol

FoFo said...

Looks like you've got quite a bit to keep you busy for a while!

NancyLee said...

Jan I am missing your blogs but know you are so busy getting ready for your fairs. Could you tell us what website those ceramic buttons were purchased I love them ...thanks

NancyLee said...

Jan could you please let us know what website you bought the ceramic buttons from China glad you are ok hope all is well getting ready for the fairs..Love to read your blog your the best!

Haylees Hats said...

wow great button stash I will have to have a look on ebay x