Monday, 2 July 2007

Babies crochet mini waistcoats

I have finished the baby crochet waistcoats for my 2 step great grand daughters. They are sort of from the Candy Babies book by Candi Jenson. The reason I say sort of is that on the pattern the waistcoats are actually the top of a dress and I was supposed to sew some fabric on to the bottom to form the dress skirt, I decided that they would be more useful as a body warming shrugs over the outfits they already have. They are usually wear trousers anyway. I also improvised with the fasteners. The pattern shows 2 purchased frog fasteners on each waistcoat but I made my own out of crochet chain and so one was enough on each.

I have got back to my crochet this week courtesy of the weather. I have a lot of plants that need re-potting but the constant rain over the last week or so means that not much of that has been done. Plus it is the younger baby's christening on Sunday and I wanted to finish off the garments I had planned. I am now making white wrap over cardigans using one pattern but customising by using the stitch of another. I have also made some pink flower frog type fasteners with covered buttons for them but am unsure if they will look too "heavy" on the finished jackets. I guess I will make that decision once the first jacket is completed.

I have had 2 very wet walks with the dog today. He doesn't mind the rain at all but it's me who has to dry him off (and myself) when we get home. Surprisingly we met 4 other people also trudging through the heavy rain with dogs. He is a bit clingy today as on saturday my son and his wife came to visit ( he used to be their dog) with their new pup and he thought he should have gone home with them but unfortunately he has taken a big dislike to the elder baby so that is no longer possible as we cannot take the risk of him biting her.


Darlene said...

I just stumbled upon this today and wanted to tell you how absolutely adorable these are! What a beautiful job!

Alice said...

I am making this same pattern from the Candi Jensen book, and I thought someone must have come up with a way to crochet the frog fasteners. So I did a Google search, and up this popped! Yours are so clever and cute! Thank you!