Friday, 13 July 2007

Crochet granny square shawl with flower motif centre

I can post a heading to my blog today - yeah! I have not been doing a lot of crocheting or knitting for a couple of weeks due to the house renovations. The indoor ones are almost finished with the exception of re-painting the bathroom door and putting up the towel rail and hooks. I also do not have a handle on the said door so visitors have to sing loudly if they want to use the bathroom as the door won't stay closed. For the last few days I have been putting stuff into storage bags and boxes, putting them into the loft area and cleaning up the bedrooms. The dust got everywhere even with the doors closed. I guess the next projects indoors will be painting and decorating the bedrooms but not until later in the year when I can perhaps get a little assistance with that.

I have been sorting through finished projects as a young lady on my street that my son grew up with is having another baby ( a girl Tilly due in August) so I thought I would see what girly baby things I had already made up. I found this shawl. I made the crochet flowers first and then worked a row of trebles (UK terms) with 3ch spaces for each corner behind and under the flower. I then turned it into a traditional large granny square, crocheted 12 squares together and did a shell edge border. I am undecided whether to give her this shawl or a pram blanket made in white granny squares with a rosebud sewn into the centre of each square and a pink and white twisted cord threaded through the edges and tied with bows at each corner. I also have a small crochet matinee in white with a pale green edging and several bonnets. I will photograph each one and put it on Flikr before giving them away as I have started to keep a record of finished articles. Many friends kept saying they wished they had seen things before I gave them away so I made up a site on Flikr in case anyone else wanted to view them as well.

I have got a new crochet hat book from Amazon Hip Hats and Cool Caps by Afya Ibomu and a crochet garment book called Fabulous Flirty Crochet by Katherine Lee. (I had won an Amazon voucher) I keep looking through the books trying to decide which project to start when I have finished off my knitted tie fronted shrug and crochet short n sweet shrug for myself. So many nice things I don't know where to start. I will have to use some more of my yarn stash. The last 2 projects I am making didn't make much of a dent in the store! It is all stacked neatly now in underbed storage and catalogued on my pc so at least I can see at a glance if I have enough yarn already purchased for projects I have in mind. I must use some more stash before I can justify buying any more yarn.

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