Thursday, 28 June 2007

Babies crochet boleros finished at last

I have been a busy person during the last couple of weeks so not much crochet done but I have finally finished the two baby crochet boleros for the step great grand daughters and have almost finished the second knitted bolero for the elder one.

I have had to clear the loft and it's amazing how much junk I had accumulated up there. I think every cardboard box from every electrical appliance ever bought over the last 20yrs was up there. I also had to clear and move all the old fibre glass lagging and that was an very mucky task that took me such a long time on my own most of the time. I did have some help from my ex husband for an hour or so which I did welcome as it is so hard lugging bags down from the loft on my own. I have now washed about 40 stuffed teddies etc that were bagged up and they are clean and waiting for sorting to go to the charity shop if they will have them.

The whole house has been so messy with dust settling for days so crochet and knit has been a bit difficult as I felt so dirty most of the time and so didn't want to work with white and cream yarn! I gave my new bathroom a baptism of dirt. I have never had to scrub a bath after I got out of it before!

I am now waiting for the loft to get boarded and then I can sort the stuff out and re-bag it so it can eventually go back up there. I am not letting the loft get so messy again as it was so hard to clear it out. Everything now will be in plastic storage boxes and sealed bags. I am also going to sort out the stash of yarn and get some proper storage for that instead of tucked around the house in various bags in various cupboards.

The next thing will be a new garage roof and doors and then I will have a dry secure storage area for lawn mower and strimmer and somewhere to re-pot the plants when it is raining. They have been sadly neglected for a week or so as I can only do so much work in one day due to the back problems I have. I am going to get storage units and perhaps a table and chair so I can re-pot in a less painful position.

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