Monday, 11 June 2007

Dog Paw Trauma

Not much crochet done since my last post. I got a message that my services were no longer required to make christening crochet boleros for the step great grand daughters but as that was after I had already gone and bought the yarn then I will make them anyway. No doubt they won't get worn as they don't come from Baby Gap but they will be part of my christening gift along with the knitted boleros I have already made the one for Emily (pictured) and half way through her big sister's.

The dog paw trauma happened on Saturday. One minute Buster was happily chasing and skidding down a hillside after his stick and the next he was yelping and bleeding. He has managed to tear the claw out of his right hind foot. As a novice dog owner I was fairly traumatised myself as I had to limp him home and then bathe his foot to clean it and try to stop the bleeding. I have been searching through web sites to make sure I am treating him correctly. He seems to be responding to TLC but still feeling sorry for himself but can't understand why I won't take him for a walk. I have tried bandaging him (he pulled it off) and I even knitted a bootee and lined it with gauze and threaded it over his paw and tied it on but he remained unimpressed and refused to wear it even though I had tastefully made it in dark grey and knitted it on 4 needles so to eliminate uncomfy seams. The claw seams to be healing slowly without infection which I am truly grateful for so maybe tomorrow I will risk his walk. I am scared of him getting dirt in the wound until it scabs over. He still managed to jump on the chair this morning to bark at the postman even though he cried for a couple of minutes as he must have hurt the claw.

I told my son (Buster's previous owner) about the accident and how Buster was feeling sorry for himself and he said oh then there are 2 hypochondriacs living in your house now. I was upset to say the least as I wonder is that how he sees me and my back problems? I would not wish this awful pain on anyone but I wish he could have it for one day and then perhaps he would realise how little I actually do complain about it. Other than my constant pain I am very healthy for my age.

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