Monday, 18 February 2013

Dolls Clothes

I promised my Great Grand Daughters that I would make them some clothes for their dolls. They chose knitting patterns. I managed to make a knitted pram suit for Charlotte who is 16" tall but I must confess that it took me a whole week to knit this

It is actually a darker shade of peach than is showing on the photo. I then decided to change to crochet and made this little set up in a couple of evenings.

This is much more my style. Here is a closer view of the crochet.

My other Great Gran Daughter's doll is Sally and she s 27" tall so I have bought her a few things from EBay but am bracing myself for knitting the outfit that she has chosen for Sally.

I am taking part in the Abakhan Challenge again this month and this yarn arrived

I am crocheting with it and it is a little tricky as the long threads get in the way and I find that I am crocheting the threads instead of the main yarn and keep having to unpick it (not an easy task) as I have missed the thread and got a hole.

I am attempting to make a crochet version of this sweater for my friend Sarah. I haven't got very far as you can see. I have pinned the bit that I have done to the original sweater to check the width. The sweater is made up in a very unusual way so I have had to make newspaper templates of the style so that I can crochet to them. This is how I started crocheting back in the 60's. I used to make paper patterns and crochet to them instead of following a bought pattern. I am going around full circle. Hopefully I will have more to show you once this is finished.

I have been tidying up and today it is the turn of the baby items that I made for craft fairs. I decided to unpack the bags and see just what I have left.

Obviously a lot more than I thought and I still have another bag to unpack with ladies shawls in it. I decided to try out my new camera as a video camera so pardon me with my first attempt. It is buzzing for some reason and I sound as though I have a lisp. The video is all blurry but hopefully you can still see some of the things that I am trying to show. Because I was holding the camera things went out of focus and blurred. I think that I need to invest in a little tripod or stand to hold the camera steady before I make another video.

The video link refuses to load for some reason. I am trying again through You Tube. I will add it on to this post later if I do manage to upload it. The fist video that uploaded to You Tube had taken all of the colouyr out of the video so I have started again.

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