Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Crochet Baby Clothes Videos

After the fiasco of trying to video with my new camera I reverted back to my old faithful camera. The new camera bleached out all of the colour and when I managed to upload it to You Tube the sound was buzzing and the video had stripes of pink green and yellow across it. The downside of reverting to my old camera means that each video is very short. That is what there are 4 videos and one of them is cut short.

The videos are not of any new things. They are the stock that are left from my craft fair days. Since I have decided to stop doing craft fairs I now have surplus stock to sell. I hope that you enjoy looking at my crochet, my tatty back garden and Buster who gets in the act on some of the video

These are in the wrong order but I am a novice at posting videos on my blog so please forgive me.

You will have seen some of the brighter things before as they are part of my Abakhan challenge for a few months ago.

I was hoping to resume vlogging again but if I do then they will have to be very short videos as my old camera only records for about 7 minutes before it cuts off.

Today I am off for  routine blood tests for my cholesterol. Buster isn't too well at the moment. He has a bit of a bladder infection which is resulting in numerous accidents so my steam cleaner is working overtime this week.

I am working on a new challenge from Abakhan. I am following the shape of a ready made sweater using different yarn. This yarn is in the reduced section of Abakhan and I am rapidly discovering not the ideal yarn to crochet with. It is Sirdar reflections and has lots of long whiskery fibres. Last night I crocheted away for a few inches  only to discover later that I had crocheted into a whisker instead of the main thread several rows back which resulted in a large hole appearing. Trying to undo a few rows is proving to be very time consuming as the fibres are sticking together and the knots have to be unpicked with a needle. I had to leave it last night as I was on the point of taking scissors to it which wouldn't have achieved anything. I will try again later today.Photos will follow once I have recovered my patience and got back to the offending row. I am sure that you have all had moments like this. had I been crocheting in 'normal' yarn this frustration would never have happened. I have been crocheting slowly and supposedly checking every row so I don't know how this hole happened. I feel like everything that I crocheted last night has to be unravelled.

Anyway winge over. I need my breakfast or at least a coffee but I can't have one until I have my bloods taken. Happy crocheting and I will catch up with you soon,

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Dorothy said...

Your crochet baby jackets are beautiful and the embroidery and embellishments certainly make them very special. Good luck with selling them.