Friday, 17 February 2012

Were Vintage Crocheters Quicker?

The reason that I am asking this question is that I bought this pattern earlier this week

I don't know if you can read the wording but it says make this sweater in an evening. I always thought that I was quite a quick crocheter but it took 2 evenings to finish it. I am trying to make my mind up if the ladies of the 50's were quicker as most of them didn't have the distraction of the TV. I don't think that there was such a thing as the trade descriptions act back then to stop people saying anything that they wanted to describe things.

I have a crochet sweater hardback book from the 60's that is called Crochet Sweaters in a weekend. Considering that some of them are multi coloured fair isle type designs I defy anyone to make a long jacket up in pattern in a weekend.

This crocheted up really quickly. I can crochet old type patterns far quicker than the modern patterns. There is something simplistic about the way that they are written that I understand. Modern patterns have far too much information for me and I find them harder to follow. I usually give up and do things my way in the end.

This sweater took less than 200 grams. I made it in acrylic as it is for sale and more expensive yarns, although lovely, would put it out of my customers price ranges. I would love to crochet in the finest yarns but I do want to make some kind of a profit at the end  of it. I can't afford to have expensive things that don't sell. Non crafters have no idea how much hand made things cost to make.

The bottom band is crochet afterwards and is tight fitting. The pattern gets around this by making splits fastened with buttons to be easier to get the sweater on. I would miss this bit out if I was making this sweater for myself as I don't have a waistline to show off so a looser edging is more my style.

I still haven't got around to the machine knitting. I seem to be having a bit of a mental block with the knitting. I have started another crochet shrug instead. It is slow going as I am using quite fine yarn and a small hook.

I am still waiting for the tailors dummy. When I phoned the store they said that I would not receive it until next week as the sale advert states 8-10 working days for delivery. I understand why they are maybe closed one day for the weekend but they seem to be counting both days of the weekend. The silly thing is that the store is about a mile down the road from me!. If it comes on Monday then I will have been waiting 13 days. I have never waited this long for anything to be delivered from Ebay except for when I ordered buttons from China. I will have to spend a whole day taking photos for Etsy once it does arrive as I have quite a few items to list.

I have joined another online community of Manchester crafters. I figure that the more that I chat to people having similar problems to me as regards marketing myself and selling things the better. I now belong to two of these communities so hopefully some good advice will come through these forums. I would welcome advice from people who are making sales and have good web sites.

I don't have anything planned for the weekend except for a little bit of shopping. I hope to settle down to my crochet and a bit of housework. Have a nice weekend folks.


Beansieleigh said...

Oh, now that's what I miss seeing! You always make the prettiest things, Jan! Love this beautiful sweater! I have something of a similar styled pattern I've been wanting to try, but just haven't yet, with a granny square yoke/edging around the neck/collar line?? I have to dig that pattern out, and give it a try one of these days... Hope you had a very Happy Valentine's Day, and that you enjoy the weekend ahead. Mine might be a little busier than I would prefer, but I have extra free time in the week ahead, and am very much looking forward to it! ((hugs)) ~tina

Sharon GARDNER said...

Sweater is very nice. I am a slow crocheter, probably because I sometimes come down with CADD otherwise known as crochet attention deficit disorder ;). I need to sit down and finish up less than an hours work on one of my projects. Take care...

Anonymous said...

SOOOOO pretty.

Rachael and Leah said...

That is such a beautiful sweater - you do great work. Come check out our blog this week as we feature crochet projects this week:

Anonymous said...

I have just stumbled across your Blog, and really enjoyed it. I will be coming back now and then. I also Crochet. I've been crocheting for years, 67 years old and growing, but unfortunately have never gone past the Moderate crocheter. Learned from my mother and on my own with books, etc. Love your items, and your blog.