Monday, 6 February 2012

Vintage Pattern Book

The title is not strictly true as this book A Stitch In Time by Jane Waller and Susan Crawford contains the vintage patterns as they were originally and the updated versions using modern (and  usually a bit thicker) wools that make them easier to knit. I saw it on EBay for half the price on Amazon so even though it was £15 it is a lovely book. Mostly knitted but there is the odd crochet design in there. The designs are from 1920 - 1949. This edition has been signed bySusan Crawford.

This is how the designs appear in part of the book. The original fine knit patterns are included should you like knitting with thin needles and fine wools.  Just the thing for your next holidays. A woolly swimsuit.

A veritable cat walk model for wearing at the beach if you can weather the stares and the snickers.

This fine version is quite wearable as retro and vintage are back in style. The modern version of the same design in slightly thicker wool is also very pretty.

This photo shows how older patterns look when given a modern twist. The original is very pretty in fine wool but this thicker wool seems to make the pattern stitch  'pop' out more.

This is the modern version of underwear. It would make a nice top for over shorts or trousers or worn as a mini dress for the very brave.

I bought this pattern cut price on EBay. It is an older pattern but I still think that it works for today's babies.

I have not been out today. I should be OK tomorrow as the weather is improving and the snow is melting. To be truthful I am still in my dressing gown as it was extremely cold when I first got up so I came down to turn the heating up and never got back upstairs to shower and change. .My long dressing gown was so warm and cosy that I didn't feel like parting with it. I will be closing the curtains in a minute so no-one will see that I never got dressed. I feel so lazy.

I made this yesterday for my Etsy site. I used some Coats cotton that I bought as a job lot from EBay. I would have liked to have made it a bit longer but I didn't have enough cotton. I should have made a smaller chest size to use less cotton but I didn't feel like unpicking what I had already crocheted. Cotton has so few metres per ball.

My friend brought my camera back today complete with the photos that she had taken of my crochet displayed on her tailor's dummy.This is another retro tank top made from an original late 60's pattern.  I would love to buy a tailor's dummy eventually as they do display things so much better. They are quite expensive and as I am trying to reduce my credit card bill and not add to it then I will have to wait. I have a very lightweight body display shape that could work but it doesn't have a stand so I will have to try to adapt it with something to make it stand on it's own. At the moment it just hangs by a hook.

Tonight I should be trying to knit some more of my niece's sweater on the machine but I am having difficulty drumming up enthusiasm for knitting of any kind. I much prefer crocheting. Hmm what shall I start tonight?


marg41 said...

Was over the moon when I saw your Blog today Jan. Like many of your friends I have missed you. Hope your weather improves. Very hot and humid here today, but at the moment it is pouring down. That should cool things down for a while. Love the photo's of your work and also the beautiful pattern book.
take care when you do get out and about.

Elaine said...

Glad to see you back.

June said...

Just realised that you are blogging again and am delighted that you are feeling better now. Now that your diabetes has been diagnosed, the medication should help you feel well again. I really missed seeing all your beautiful crochet work, as you are an inspiration to me.