Tuesday, 17 April 2007

Hidden treasure from my stash

I found some treasure trove in my loft. 10 balls of Wash n wear black 4ply crepe. It just had to be crocheted. Trouble is with my failing eyesight I can only crochet it during the hours of daylight. Try as I might I can't crochet black in artificial light even wearing my special magnifying glasses. Sign of old age? Sigh! I made this pattern many years ago for my niece in white and it looked very pretty. Probably as much to do with the young (as she was then) gorgeous blonde wearer as my crocheting skills!

I may be turning into the "Good Life" minus the chickens and pigs. I was chatting today to my neighbour who is going to dispose of her elderly greenhouse (minus a few panes and clips) so if it will survive the trip up the hill from 5 houses down then I will be a greenhouse owner. Yeah! I had thought about buying a greenhouse before as opposed to a new shed but even the cheapest cost around £300 which is a lot of money for a poverty stricken pensioner (yeah I know - whinge whinge). Yesterday I ordered a plastic mini 3 tiered greenhouse from Amazon.co.uk and a plastic cover for a grow bag suitable for my tomatoes. I had ordered these before the offer of the greenhouse but then again maybe the greenhouse won't survive the trip up the street! All I need now is a good Gardening book for absolute dummies. I will be happy if I can grow a few tomatoes (I shared the ones I grew last year with the slugs) and some salad stuff. I will go on to vegetables if I am a success at that. Start with easy stuff first!

The dog has grazed his leg on something sharp in the park whilst stick chasing. I heard him yelp but it doesn't seem to bad. He carried on playing with his dog friends Cassie and Max so it didn't bother him unduly.

The dog woke me up in the middle of the night. Sometimes he does that when he needs to go out for a wee but last night he jumped on the bed and was walking all over me and scratching both sides of my face. When I woke up and spoke to him he just settled down and went back to sleep. I suffer from sleep apnoea and wear a C.P.A.P machine in case I stop breathing during the night but still suffer periods of sleep paralysis or shaking fits whilst wearing the mask. I am thinking that maybe I was having one of these spasms and perhaps making a noise ( I have woken myself up many times making a strange noise and been unable to breathe or move)and the dog wanted to wake me up. It's a bit scary but I live with it. It is no use thinking each day that it might happen tonight when I am asleep otherwise I would never close my eyes. My feeling is if it's my time to go then it will happen one day. I just get on with my life day to day.

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