Monday, 23 April 2007

Good Weekend after the pain

I knew it would happen. The pain after the pleasure. 10 minutes of belly dancing ( see previous blog) on Wednesday lead to 4 days of severe back pain. I don't know why I think I can get away with it. I never learn.

The weekend was good. My son, daughter in law and their grand daughters came to see me on Saturday. I like to see the babies even though the baby was whinging all the time. It took my mind off my back pain having a bit of company. The dog of course was very glad to see his mum and dad again and sulked a bit once they went. He soon revived with a walk.

On Sunday my niece came to take me to Ramsbottom to the craft shop and to do a bit of shopping. We finished up in the garden centre. I bought some broad beans, lettuce and some herbs and several packets of seeds to I guess I will be busy in the next few weeks. My plastic mini greenhouse arrived from Amazon this morning (the grow house arrived on Friday) so it is now made up and housing the baby plants and is ready for the seeds. I think I should have ordered another one or two of them.

My niece brought me her crochet jumper that she had started from the Happy Hooker book. She has done very well with the body part but needs the sleeves to be a bit wider than the pattern (our family is blessed with quite chunky upper arms) so needs Auntie to improvise on them and make them wider and yet still fit the armhole! Hmm I will have to work on that one! As she is a beginner she cannot vary from the pattern as written, so any variations she can't cope with. It will all come to her with time and practise.

The picture on the blog is of a shawl I have started for my niece for her holiday abroad. It is in some black Lystwist I found in my stash in the loft. The yarn is somewhat finer than the pattern so I will have to do some improvisation to make it long enough. If I just keep increasing and do a lot more rows it should eventually get to the right length. It will be a labour of love as I think it will take me some time to finish it. I am always doing 2 or 3 garments at once. Black I can only work in daylight and I have 2 black crochet garments on the go. The cardigan seen in the last blog and now the shawl. I am also crocheting a white bolero and knitting a red mohair cardigan for myself in between.

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