Thursday, 10 October 2013

Sorry that I have been missing

Hi folks.

Sorry that I don't keep up my blog posts as often as I should. The main reason is that I am now making videos on You Tube and I feel that by the time I have made those I am all chatted out!

If you would like to keep up with my projects and my chit chat then this is my You Tube link  Urban Gypsy Crochet. If you want to follow me then just click the subscribe button and it will tell you when I have posted a new video

I also have a Facebook page that I update almost daily. It contains not only my work but also snippets of other articles and photos that I find interesting. It is also called Urbangypsycrochet.

I have also opened an Etsy shop selling a few of my finished garments as there are only so many crochet things that I can make for myself. I bet you can guess what that is called - Yes you are right it's Urbangypsycrochet.

On my You Tube there are also videos of my stash room and the changes that I have been making to the garage and my house in general. My family have been here helping me with the clearing to stop me from being on an episode of Hoarders . They have now gone to live in Spain.  It's very quiet here without them and I miss all the cuddles from their two  dogs. Buster isn't as loving as they are. 

 This is one of the jackets that I have been making recently. This one is still for sale on Etsy. It is made from 51% italian wool Austermann Murano which is £9.95 for a 150 gram ball but I managed to buy this in the Sale otherwise I couldn't sell it for the price that I am asking.

This jacket and hat have been sold via Etsy but I am going to make another one in another shade of James C Brett Marble Chunky. If you watch my latest video then you will see the colour that I bought.

I am in the process of crocheting an openwork  top in orange. Once that is finished I will be putting photos on Facebook and Etsy. I have just finished crocheting a very thick warm cardigan and hat in a navy and brown mix which I am going to photograph whilst it is still sunny today.

Happy Crocheting

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