Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Brightly Coloured Crochet Coat

I have finished off my brightly coloured coat that I crocheted in Austermann Murano. I used a pattern called Shaded Blanket coat that I found in the Simple Crochet book by Melody Griffiths. I bought the wool from EBay and only had 6 x 150 grams so the collar is shorter than it should be.

Sorry if the stripes make your eyes go funny but the wool is long length shaded and so the stripes are irregular and so they don't match up at the front. It didn't help that I fastened the toggles up a row wrong making one side look longer than the other. I did the body all in one so that the stripes would even out better, I didn't want any large patches of colour.

This is the back view showing the collar. I would have liked to make a hood but as I bought the wool from a private seller on EBay I couldn't find another ball. This jacket took 6 x 150 gram balls but it 51% wool so the yardage isn't that good.  Sorry that the following You Tube video is a bit dark. I thought at the time that the day light was bright enough when I filmed it

As you can see in the video I now have yet another Tunisian book and 2 double ended hooks. I really must get down to some practise very soon.

My son and daughter in law came down on Saturday and left their two dogs with me for an hour or so. Buster lived with the girls until he came to live with me so there are no problems between them  Well I thought so until Buster made his feeling very plain about the pecking order and sleeping arrangements.

The two girls, who are both bigger than Buster, had to squash up on the 2 seat sofa.

Buster, on the other hand, was lounging in style on the 3 seat sofa all by himself.

Even when he was awake he was on guard in case they wanted to join him in his area.

I also make myself a 4ply sweater from a machine cone. This pattern came from Plus size crochet by Margaret Hubert. I added the collar and the edging. It did seem strange to me to be crocheting the first size in the pattern and it still is a little large on me. It is draped on the smaller sized mannequin so you can't see the full size of it

We had a gloriously sunny day on Saturday and I hoped that Spring was coming at last but the weather is back to cold again yesterday and today. I am really fed up now of being cold. The only thing in the weather's favour is at least it isn't raining today.

I am going to try to finish off the chartreuse green chunky cardigan that I am making so will have something else to show for my next video and blog posting.

Happy crocheting


Enid said...

great to see and hear you again, Jan.
You have been busy recently!!! As the rainbow coat was growing, did it become heavy to hold.
I also find seaming a bit much and adapt patterns into one-piece when possible.
Perhaps you could put names of other videos on the blog? doing a you-tube search would find them, then

Laura said...

Gorgeous coat and pullover! Woul love to see them on you. Buster is so cute...ever the alpha dog.

Hindustanka said...

Nice coat, I liked its cheerful colours. The pullover also turned out nicely, and again I do like this color.
Have a great day!

ForageUK said...

Cute dogs! And what a fab Coat!!
Glad to have you found your blog. Rebecca from Forage :)

Bluelilyvintage said...

Hi Jan Just found your blog it's really interesting. I love your videos. Can't how many crcheting project you have on the go at one time!!! But i guess I am the same with sewing anyway I will be following you from now on so keep uo the good work :-) Byeee x

Haylees Hats said...

beautiful work! I love both the sweater and the jacket xx

Haylees Hats said...

beautiful work. the sweater is very pretty ad jacket is vibrant. very nice xx